Dealing With Writers Block

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Writers block is something which I have recently been facing. It’s one of the most annoying things in this world. As bloggers, and of course for writers, we try incessantly to come up with new and fresh ideas to put out to our audiences, sometimes without failure, and then some days, banging our heads up against the wall.

Just last night I was looking, staring even, into the very soul of my computer, because I could not think of a single idea of what to write about for today’s post. Then it hit me, this could be the inspiration for the post, not knowing what to write. Clever right? Not really!

Anyway, I thought how could I make this post worth your while? I began thinking and came up with the idea of sharing with you a few of my tips and tricks to get over writers block.

Grab A Cup Of Tea:

OK! I think we have all established by now that I am huge lover of tea and therefore when I say ‘a cup of tea’, you know I mean two or three. It is one of my comforts. If you’re not a fan of tea, you could always go for the Coffee or Hot Chocolate, if that is your preference.

Read A Book:

Reading is a good way to get inspiration and also further your vocabulary, so that when you do come to writing, it will enhance the posts or writing you then produce. Also, for me, books are just an escape, which allows me to just relax and not get too worked up when I can’t think of anything to write.

Listen To Music:

Music is something which can really relax the mind, dependent on the type of music you are listening to at that time. I have mentioned this before, but I will say it again here, when I write, I listen to music which really shows the emotion I am trying to capture, and therefore it makes it easier to write what I feel at that time. It really helps.


Now when I say this, I don’t mean you have to go all the way to the gym and work yourself to death. Just a little walk will do. Exercise releases a feel good hormone and will free up your thoughts, making it easier to think up ideas. Also, while you’re out, you might come across something to write about.

Talk To A Friend:

Sometimes all you need is to get your mind off what you are doing completely. Talking to your friend’s and talking about something other than what you are writing will help. When you come back to it later, you will refreshed and more in the right frame of mind to write.

If all else fails, I think you could go back to the banging your head against the wall, although that could possibly cause permanent damage, so I wouldn’t if I were you.

Good Luck!

Lonely Girl x