5 Friends Everyone Should Have

Hey Guys,

Yesterday I did a post on toxic friendships (if you haven’t seen it click here) but today I thought that I would lighten things up a bit, by saying five friendships that we have all had or currently have.

The One Call Away:

The one call away is a friend you need to keep. They are the friend who will always be there for you, and will pick up the phone whenever you need them. If they are busy, that will not matter. If you need them, they are there!


The Photographic Memory:

This friend will literally remember everything you ever said to them or did for them, because they are extremely sentimental and love to have these memories with them at all times. This is literally me. If someone writes me something, or does something nice for me, I keep the evidence of it, to reminisce in the future. I also like to tell them how much I care because I am that sentimental. It’s probably sad, but I don’t care.


The I Will Make You Laugh:

I love a good laugh. Who doesn’t? When I say laugh though, I mean seriously laugh, because when I start, I can’t stop, and my friends know that. A friend of mine always has to have a sense of humor, or be able to pick me back up again when I am down, with a joke.


The Personal Trainer:

This person will mentor you through anything and will help to push you past your comfort zone. They are great to have around, as they know what is best for you, and try to help you, but only if you are willing to help yourself. They come with a lot of positivity and many pep talks, some of which may result in a bit of tough love, but they mean well.


The Protector:

We don’t always need protecting, but there is always that one friend that makes it part of their responsibility to make sure you are always ok, and will stop anyone who tried to hurt you. All you can do, is trust them!

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Do You Have Any Of These Friends?

Lonely Girl x

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5 Signs You’re In A Toxic Friendship

Hey Guys,

As you might be aware, I have had my fair share of toxic friendships, even up to quite recently, so I thought I would give you signs to look out for, which will show you if you are in the wrong friendship. I just don’t want you to be in the same position I have been in for a few years. I hope this helps!

Betrayal Of Trust:

You can put as much effort and trust as possible into a friendship, and then within a few seconds have it all ruined because the other person lets you down and betrays you in some way or another. It hurts! I know!

You Begin To Fear Or Become Anxious Whenever They Are Around:

I never used to have anxiety until I became friends with someone who ruined me. Anytime I saw them, or felt like they were going to get angry with me, I would become frightened. Some people thought it was weird that I could be afraid of someone, but they clearly have no idea what it’s like to be in that position.

Manipulate Your Feelings:

There was one person in my life who always knew the right things to say to make me feel like something she did, was completely my fault and I made her do it. I was being conditioned to apologise for things I hadn’t done, to the point that I just say sorry now just in case.

Picking Out Every Little Flaw You Have:

I think I mentioned this last week, but I had someone who would always pick out whatever problems I had, and make me feel as though what I was, was wrong. It made me go from super confident, to what I am now, afraid of what people will think. No one should ever have the power to control how you see yourself.

They Make Your Achievements Seem Small:

Any achievement, even those that seem small, are actually not. If you have done something which deserves mentioning, then a true friend will tell you how brilliant it is, but someone who is a toxic friend, will not because it’s not about them. If you have an achievement, you should be able to feel great about it, and not worried about how they react to it.

These are not all of the signs, but if you can relate to any of these, I would begin to re evaluate the friendships you currently hold. I stayed with mine for 4 years, because I was too afraid. Leaving was the best thing I ever did! Sure, there is pain afterwards, but that can be fixed, staying would make it worse.

Things will get better!

Lonely Girl x

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Quote Of The Day

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”

  • Eleanor Roosevelt