5 Strong Female Protagonists | Book Club Tuesday

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Today is a great day for females, as it is International Women’s Day. Let’s hear it for women everywhere, from all corners of the Earth, this day is ours! Go on, treat yourself!

To celebrate, I thought I would share with you 5 female protagonists from books, that are strong and manage to empower women. They show us that we can do absolutely anything, even if it seems impossible to begin with. Men are not the only people who can make a difference, and here are the females that prove that:

Hazel Grace Lancaster (The Fault In Our Stars)

This girl here has Thyroid Cancer, and although she can talk about it in a defeatist way, she still manages to come back and fight, not just for herself but for others. She gives up her time for Augustus and helps Isaac in his time of need. How awesome is that?

Tris Prior (Divergent Trilogy)

Tris is Divergent, meaning she falls under every Faction possible, making people think she is somewhat dangerous or not like them. Although at first this may begin as a hindrance, Tris soon finds a way to use it to her advantage, and overcome certain social conventions.

Sephy (Noughts and Crosses)

You all know the story of the Civil Rights Movement right? Well Noughts and Crosses shows it the other way round. Sephy is a Cross, a girl of the ‘superior’ race, who falls for her best friend, Callum, a Nought, a boy of the ‘inferior’ race. This Romeo and Juliet styled love story, shows that colour has nothing to do with who a person is, and Sephy is right! You go girl! You fight those stereotypes.

Anna (Crush)

Anna is a 14 year old girl who gets involved with a guy called Will, who at first seems to truly care, but looks can be deceiving. He soon becomes abusive, and Anna is too caught up in the relationship that she can’t see it for herself. This book shows us another side to love, and that it may be difficult, but we can get out of these toxic relationships, and come out the other side stronger and much wiser.

Mia (If I Stay)

Mia is a young girl of musical talent, who along with her parents and brother, get caught in an accident which leaves her needing to make a huge decision, to fight or let go.

Who Are Your Favourite Female Protagonists?

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The Fault In Our Stars | Movie Monday



Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley), a 16 year old with Thyroid Cancer is forced to go to a support group by her mother (Laura Dern), where she meets Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort). There is an instant connection between the two, but Hazel is slightly more hesitant than he is about it.

Hazel introduces him to her favourite book, An Imperial Affliction. Their growing friendship and relationship stems from their joint love for this book and leads them to writing to, and later going to Amsterdam to meet the author himself, Peter Van Houten (Willem Dafoe). The trip is cut short when Augustus gives Hazel with terrible news which sets the tone for the rest of the movie and sticks that way until the very end.

I have seen this movie quite a few times now, and liked it, but just not as much as I did with the book. The book had so much more depth to it and even mentions an ex girlfriend of Augustus who also had Cancer and lost her battle. That was actually my favourite part of the book as it made me connect with Augustus much more, but this was not put into the film adaption, making it lack a bit in what I wanted to see.

I should have known that parts of the book wouldn’t make the final cut, but I guess that’s just how it goes. Oh well!

This is a movie that will probably make you cry, or at least bring you close to it. It will also make you laugh due to the comedy aspect being brought in as well as the sarcastic comments that are passed between the characters. Isaac was the one character in particular who made me laugh more than anyone else. Without him, the comedy would have been cut short and it would have been just dramatic all the way through. It made light of a very tough subject and made it easier for the audience to get a grip on what was going on.

I tell you one thing this movie did that the book didn’t, it made me identify more with Hazel. In the book she seemed to annoy me slightly, but on screen she was portrayed very well by Shailene Woodley. Also, it really made me despise Van Houten more than before. He was so much more arrogant and for some reason though, I thought that was great as he was definitely a character you love to hate.Well done to the Willem Dafoe for that!

Finally, don’t get me wrong, I love Ansel Elgort, but I am more in love with Augustus Waters, so much so that the ending for me was extremely heartbreaking. Thankfully, I read the book beforehand so I knew what was coming, but it still hit me, and if you haven’t seen it yet, or you haven’t read the book, it will hit you too.

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Lonely Girl Awards The Fault In Our Stars: 3.75 / 5 Stars

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