Hold Onto These Moments. You’ll Regret It When They Go | Blogmas Day 22

Oranges have essential vitamin contents, antioxidants, protein, water percentage, and fiber. These are necessary minerals that help in keep the nutrients in your body balanced.(26)

Hey Guys,

Today was awesome, but at the same time felt like a long time coming.

At 5.10pm I officially broke up from work for Christmas, for an entire week, meaning that the festivities can now begin, not they hadn’t already, but now it obviously gets real, and with only 3 sleeps to go I am so ready for it to be here now. The only problem with that being, that when it’s gone, it’s gone for another 12 months, so I really shouldn’t wish my time away that soon. I just need to take it as it comes and enjoy this time and make as many memories as possible in that time.

That is something I think we all do. However, I don’t understand why? We know how quickly time goes anyway, so why do we always let excitement get the best of us to the point that we just want everything now, now, now.

We should slow it all down and just be in the moment. Otherwise, we are going to miss something amazing.

This Christmas I intend to be more aware of what is going on around me and try to hold onto to everything happening and cherish the little things. That is what Christmas is about. We should enjoy it whilst it is here!

That is why, right as we speak I am sitting in my Living Room, on my own, with Whitney Houston’s Christmas album playing on the YouTube App on my TV. It sounds sad, but it makes me so happy.

I feel like the last few days I have done nothing but rave about Whitney. Her voice is outstanding and her music puts a smile on my face, so I’m sure you can forgive me for that!

Also, to let you know, you should definitely keep an eye out on Diversion3000s blog tomorrow as you may see an appearance from me on one of her next posts. She is an amazing blogger and a friend. I am so pleased of where her blog is heading so you should just check her out anyway!

So, let’s live in the moment this Christmas and actually enjoy the lead up as well as the day itself. Let’s have something to remember throughout the year and not just miss ever second!

Happy Blogmas,

Chloe Lauren x


Yep…It’s Another Tag! | Blogmas Day 21

Oranges have essential vitamin contents, antioxidants, protein, water percentage, and fiber. These are necessary minerals that help in keep the nutrients in your body balanced.(24)

Hey Guys,

I did a Tag on one of the first days of Blogmas and thought I would do another with the last few days being upon us.

I am going to be doing the This or That Tag, meaning I will have two options per category and then will have to decided between them. The problem being, it’s difficult as it’s usually things you love.

Yeah…. You’ll see what I mean!

Elf or The Santa Clause?

Damn! Why did I start with this one! These are both amazing movies. I do have to say though, it has to be Elf in this case, because I do prefer the Santa Clause 2 over the first one.

Candy Canes or Christmas Cookies?

This one is so easy. Christmas Cookies all of the way. I could eat them any time of the year.

Real Tree or Fake Tree?

Although this year we are using a Fake Tree, I do prefer having a real tree, like the one we had last year. It’s ashame we weren’t able to get one this year, but you know what? Christmas isn’t about the tree. I’m just happy to have a tree up at all.

Michael Buble or Mariah Carey?

Don’t get me wrong, I love both of these so much, but I think I have to side with Michael Buble on this one. His suave style and soulful voice just gives him the edge, but that is not to say Mariah isn’t the Queen of Christmas music. That is inevitable.

Lights or Ornaments?

It depends on what each one is for. In terms of a tree, Ornaments all the way, but if we are talking about in general terms, lights just make everything better. When you walk around for the first time with the lights up and you just look around excited, because you know the Festive Season is just around the corner. It’s exciting!

Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

Christmas Eve. Opening presents is great, but there is something about seeing the gifts under the tree and relaxing by the tree with a Hot Chocolate and a Christmas movie on in the background. Perfect!

Giving Gifts or Receiving Gifts?

Oh 100% giving gifts! I have practically spent all of my money this month of presents. I know it sounds stupid, but I just get super excited when I see people’s faces when they open the presents I brought them.

What Would Your Answers Have Been?

Happy Blogmas,

Chloe Lauren x

Just A Festive Treat From Me To You | Blogmas Day 20

Oranges have essential vitamin contents, antioxidants, protein, water percentage, and fiber. These are necessary minerals that help in keep the nutrients in your body balanced.(23)

Hey Guys,

As today is the 20th, we are now just 5 days away from the greatest day of the year, maybe even of all time.

Ok, that was a slight exaggeration. Actually not it’s not. Christmas Day is the best and for that I am not sorry!

So, to make the last few days of waiting more bearable, I am going to treat you to a Festive song I recently found and have been raving about for the last few days. It is the season of giving after all and I am pretty sure you are going to love it also.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy this song and hope you also ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’

Happy Blogmas,

Chloe Lauren x

My Letter To ‘Santa’! | Blogmas Day 19

day 19

Hey Guys,

I recently saw someone do this and wanted to do it myself, in my own way and with own my own take on it. Before anyone asks, I know Santa is not real (hope I haven’t spoilt that for anyone) but I felt like there was somethings I had to say.

Here we go:

Dear Santa,

It’s been a long time since I wrote to you, probably years come to think of it. I’ve grown a bit since then, or at least I would love to think so anyway.

You know how life is. Just because circumstances change, doesn’t mean we have to also, right? Not fully anyway.

I hope that makes sense, because that’s how I’ve been feeling a lot recently. Although things are changing for me, it doesn’t mean that I want to lose sight of who I am or who I was when I was younger.

As you will probably remember, I was quite an excitable young thing, very outgoing, wanting every gift possible when it came to writing to you in previous years.

I remember when my mom used to give me the Argos magazine so I could pick all the toys that I wanted from it but I would always ended up picking about 10 things from every page. I could never decide. I just wanted them all.

Once I had chosen, the next part was easier, write the list and send it off to you, or at least that’s what I thought I was doing, for those wonderful few years.

When it was first hinted that you were not real, I didn’t want to let go, because I thought that it would ruin the magic of Christmas, but now I know it’s not just that part of that made it magic, it was everything else as well as that. I am so glad of it. Christmas is still as fantastic as ever and I couldn’t be happier.

I miss believing in you, but at the same time I love where my life is heading and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

So I guess all I want is to remain the way I am going. I am proud of the person I a becoming. I may not be perfect. I make a lot of mistakes on the daily but I can’t wait to see what else is to come.

For one last time, thank you and Merry Christmas Santa,

Love your old pal Chloe.

Happy Blogmas,

Chloe Lauren x