10 Things To Be Happy About!

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The other day was classed as ‘International Day of Happiness’ day. I didn’t know there was such a thing, but let’s be honest, these days there is a day for practically everything. It’s crazy that we are celebrating some of these things, but I think a day of happiness is just what our world needs, especially right now.

We all deserve a good laugh and to have a huge smile on our faces every now and again! Hands up if you all agree, or I will pretend you all have.

So this had me thinking, what am I actually happy about. I have been all smiles recently, and beginning to love and appreciate my life, so there must be something, or maybe 10 somethings (hopefully).

10 Things I Am Happy About

  1. Being around positive people who continue to push me, and help make me a better person.
  2. Starting to feel better in myself, and having more faith in my own abilities. We are all capable of much more than we think we are. Just saying.
  3. Getting to a point where I start laughing and not being able to stop myself. It’s a great release and becomes very infectious that others around end up laughing with me. I reckon I could laugh myself some great ab muscles.
  4. Seeing everyday as a new day, with new opportunities, and faith in what is to come. It’s a fresh start. Yesterday is gone, today will pass by and tomorrow will be another chance to be and do something awesome!
  5. Following on from that last one, I would say knowing now that my past does not define my future, nor should it. That’s a good lesson. Leave the past in the past. I guess that’s probably why they call it the past.
  6. Seeing people doing something for others, or you doing things for others. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know you are helping someone who needs help, even if it is just something small. Well it may seem small, but to someone else it could make their whole day.
  7. Listening to great music and discovering new songs gives me such a buzz. At the moment I am listening to a lot of 90s R&B, and some absolutely amazing modern Worship tracks.
  8. Pieces of scripture that speak to you and literally manage to highlight what you are going through. The words can quickly make you feel so much better, and lift a weight you didn’t know was there. When in doubt turn to scripture, that’s my new motto.
  9. Blogging and writing will always be two of my favourite things. I know I may not always be the most active, not in the last few weeks anyway, but when I feel inspired I write away and really get lost in my own little literary/blogging world. It’s fun.
  10. You guys! Seriously, you all make me happy. The constant support, especially that with your comments and in and around the social networks, really makes me happy, like you would never know. It’s like having friends I have never met, always being there and knowing what to say. You are truly amazing!

These 10 things continue to make my life now that much better and obviously are not the only things that can make me smile, but what I would say are some of the most important to me right now.

It doesn’t matter what makes you smile. All that should matter is that you do.smile, because it lights up your face, and you never know, could lead to someone else smiling also.

What Makes You Smile?

Chloe Lauren x


Quote Of The Day

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

  • Dr. Seuss