Living The No Phone Life

Hey Guys,

I love my phone! I mean seriously love it! Unfortunately, I accidentally broke mine a couple of weeks ago. Don’t worry though, it is getting fixed and hopefully I will get it back before my birthday, but for now, I am still away from it.

It upsets me to think it is all alone in a new place, and for me it’s just hard not having it here with me, but I need to find things to do, to get my mind off it.

There are things that will happen without a phone! Here are just 4 of those things:

Talk To Real People:

On a phone, you are texting people who are not with you, or for some people, they are literally next to them, but we have grown so close to texting that even that seems normal. I actually don’t do that (maybe to someone across the room), but still, without my phone, I can actually speak to people, real people, face to face. It’s seems like such an unknown thing, but talking to people face to face, is like face time, but so much better!


Actually See The World:

Our faces are forever fixated to what is on our screens, where as without a phone, you can walk and see the world for what it is, and explore places much more, and see things you may not have noticed before.



Lol. HAHA! LMAO! These are words people use a lot whilst texting, but tell me, are you really laughing? I will admit, sometimes, I will actually laugh at something someone sends me, but it’s not often. Then why is it, we continue to use these words? Well, in the real world, when someone says something funny, or something just happens that was hilarious, you can actually laugh!


Make More Memories:

The less time you are on your phone, the more chance you will have to learn the true value of living in the moment, and spending quality time with those you love. These moments are precious, and we can never get them back. Once they are gone, they are gone forever! In the future, you can look back, think of the good times, and SMILE!!!


Lonely Girl x

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Movie Monday

Hey Guys,

I thought for this Movie Monday I would show you 5 things that you may have missed if you have seen the latest Star Wars Movie. Perhaps if you’re a die hard fan, you probably already know them right?

1) James Bond Was A Stormtrooper!

Yes that’s right! Daniel Craig, the current James Bond, sort of makes an appearance in The Force Awakens as the Storm Trooper who Rey manages to first use her Jedi Mind trick on. Oh and you will never guess what his name was! JB-007!


2) Some Familiar Voices Return

When Rey picks up the Lightsaber originally owned by Luke Skywalker, she hears voices. Do you know whose voices they actually are? Ewan Mcgregor, a young Obi Wan, as well as Frank Oz, the voice of Yoda. They both recorded new lines to be added to the movie. Also, Alec Guinness, the original Obi Wan also has a line but as he wasn’t around to record new lines, they used a phrase he said in A New Hope, mainly of the word ‘Afraid’, and made it sound like he was saying ‘Rey’. #MINDBLOWN


3) FN-2187?

Finn, the Stormtrooper turned allie, originally had the name FN-2187. This is actually a reference to the cell block where Leia was imprisoned in the first movie, A New Hope. Cool right?


4) Let’s Play Chess

A Chess game, otherwise known as Dejarik, was found on the Millennium Falcon by Rey and Finn when they first enter. It is the same game that was being played between C-3PO and Chewbacca in the original movies.


5) Carrie Fisher’s Daughter Is A Rebel!

Billie Lourd, Fisher’s daughter is seen in several scenes, as part of the Rebel Alliance. Not just that, but she is totally going for the full Princess Leia look, with those classic hair buns. Following in her mother’s footsteps there.


Have you seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens Yet? If not, you should check out my review HERE!

Lonely Girl x

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How To Be British

How To Be British(1)

Yesterday I received a new follower to my Blog, Katarina Shafer who seemed very interested in me being from the UK and so I said, just for her, I would create some very British posts so that she, as well as anyone else here who may want to know what it takes to actually be British, can do to achieve this.

Get Used To The Odd Weather Changes:

Anyone who is from the UK will tell you that the weather is just weird and can change at any moment, from good to bad, to even worse, and then back to normal again. It’s weird but it wouldn’t be the same without it.


WARNING: if you come to the UK in the Summer, expect rain (a lot of it)

Drink A Lot Of Tea:

Sorry about this typical stereotype, but I am British and couldn’t live without tea, so it’s on the list. This GIF actually shows just how serious we are about it!


Learn To Queue:

It is thought that we Brits spend about 6 months of our lives just standing in a queue waiting for something or other, sometimes longer, because we are too polite when it comes to people pushing in front of us. We just stand back and stay quiet because we don’t want to start anything.


Have ‘Perfect’ Etiquette:

Over the years we have been praised for our manners and etiquette, so follow what we do, but just don’t over do it because even we haven’t been taught how to balance books on top of our heads just like somebody from let’s say a Jane Austen novel. It’s not important.


Adapt To Our Very Different Humor:

We get American Humor, and American’s get ours, to a certain extent. This is mainly because it comes in the form of very dry, witty comments which may also come across as extremely sarcastic, but according to some people, that may be just because our accents make it sound that way. We may also use a lot of irony which I am aware some people don’t always catch up on at first. Anyway, our humor is weird. Sorry about that!


If a British person tells you a joke, and you don’t get it, just laugh anyway!

Hopefully these 5 things will help you if you ever choose to visit the UK or just decide you want to make friend’s with a lot of people living there. It is definitely the way to go.

Lonely Girl x

How We Write Blog Posts


The other day I wrote a post about types of people who read Blog Posts, but now I thought, what about how we actually write these posts in the first place? I’m sure most people will be able to relate to at least one of these, because come on, we all have been one of these people at some point.

The Funny Bunny:

Firstly, I am not sure why I called you a bunny, but it rhymes so let’s go with it.

You are the type of writer who just knows how to capture a really funny moment in your writing, even if others don’t understand it, you still think your humor is one in a million, and it probably is. You are a cool person. Trust me.


The Captains Hook:

You are the person who, with that first sentence, or maybe even with just the title can hook people in, as if they were a fish swimming in a sea of blog posts, they chose yours. You actually caught one, and have their full attention at all times. You my friend, are a legend, and deserve a medal, in fact your arm back, rather than that hook (I’m the Funny Bunny clearly)


The Curtains Closed:

You are just like Captain Hook, but not really, because rather than your opener being on point, it’s your closing statement or line. The way you keep your readers wanting to know more, or feeling as though their time was well spent reading your post, is what others will  be truly envious of. You’re awesome!!!


The All In It:

You really are serious about this aren’t you? In fact, you are so serious about what you write, that even we, the readers can feel just how much blood, sweat and tears you put into each post. Gees you work hard, and I really appreciate that, because I do it as well. You definitely give everyone all of the FEELS!!!


Which Are You? Have I Missed Any?