I Call This Living On The Edge!


Today was a great day for weather, not too much sun, and not too much rain. It was perfectly imperfect, which is what I live for. I didn’t want to come home burnt to a crisp, because the sun decides today would be the day it would be hot. No way! It was just the right balance for me.

Anyway, you don’t want to hear about my problems with weather, you want to see where we went today. Well, with one week left of our membership for the English Heritage, we went to a place called Witley Court, which was once one of the most loved houses in the midlands, but now, stands as a ruin, after a fire in 1937. Shame really, because of how gorgeous the outside of it is. I can only imagine what the inside would have been like. It would have been beyond amazing to have seen it.


The fountain seems to be the main event at this place. Every hour, on the hour, the fountain goes on, and for twenty minutes, provides such a spectacle that once it’s over, is over (but it’s on again an hour later, so not really).


Due to the house being in the state it is, you find yourself mainly walking around the gardens, which I will tell you now, is bigger than what I remember from the last time I was there two years ago. There are so many pathways, and shortcuts, as well as longer walks. You could get lost, but then easily find your way back, because they all lead to the same place.


My favourite walk was around the lake. I always find that I love those walks, because of the wildlife you end up seeing. As we got closer to the lake, we actually saw a lot of bees, and dragonflies just going about, doing whatever it is they do. Me and my mom were interested in the blue dragonflies in particular, because they were totally different to the ones we had seen before. It makes me feel as though, I am not as cultured as I once thought.


Ok! This is by far my favourite photo from the day. I was quite impressed with how it turned out. I went all out for this one. I crouched down and took it from a lower angle. Yeah, I did that for you guys. I call it, ‘Life On The Edge’, because that is what I was doing, living my life on the edge.


Chloe Lauren x

Britain Is At War… But Only For One Night


Last night we went to Blists Hill, a Victorian town, which for one night only was remodeled to look like Britain during the War years, making it Blitz Hill.We experienced music, fashion and customs from the era, as well the air raid which seemed to go off every half an hour.

I wasn’t in the War (obviously) but every time I heard the blast of the raid, my heart was beating so fast from the shock of it. It makes you realise how truly frightening it would have been to actually have been there, knowing what that sound meant, and what was about to happen. I can only imagine the effect it would have had on people, but yet I saw a lot of people last night, who were possibly just young children at the time, who found it reminiscent and didn’t mind it at all. It was such a special sight.

From even the very beginning, as you walk through the gates, there were people dressed up in the proper 193os and 40s attire just because they could, as well as a special performance from the three girls below who were singing songs for the period. They weren’t the only performers that night. In the restaurant, there was a sing along set from a group called BluZone, who took on some very popular classics from the time, some of which I actually knew.  I sang along. Fancy that!


Some of the buildings were decorated especially for the occasion. The one below is for what I think is the WI, otherwise known as the Women’s Institute, who played a big part during the War, doing things that were essential. They helped with evacuees, raising money, knitting, a skill which was really needed at the time, as well as growing vegetables, to keep the Country fit and strong.

These weren’t the only women who played a huge role, a lot of other women were taking on the jobs that men couldn’t do because of fighting elsewhere, helping to keep business going, but also to stay on track. Oh and let’s not forget about the WRENS, the Women’s Naval Service at the time, which last night I think I got recruited for. Oops!


This is me sitting inside a very tight air raid shelter reading a women’s magazine from the time. How an entire family would fit into this, I have absolutely no idea. I know it was never about comfort, but still. It was either sit extremely close together uncomfortably or possibly die. Harsh but true.



Blists Hill is one of my favourite places to visit anyway, but last night was interesting, especially to see the War up close, not in the same way as others have though granted. I have always found it fun to learn about. Maybe next time I will do a post on Blists Hill as it usually is, the Victorian life.

Chloe Lauren x

A Lot Can Happen In A Year!


What was I doing this time last year? Well, just about finishing with my remaining coursework, as well as being done with all of my exams. This was about the time I was starting on my journey to becoming a better me. I was also probably still devastated by the idea of my school at the time shutting down, and having to go at it alone, without my friends being around, but I did it. I can even look back now, and think, I was worrying for nothing.

So, a year has passed, and a lot has changed. It’s weird to see what I have achieved in that time, because even I didn’t realise how much I had done up to now.

I have been to another school, and ended up leaving because it wasn’t for me. Some people saw it as a failure, but I saw it as a positive because I finally did something for me, rather than staying for others. I reached over 600 blog followers since starting my blog in October and am currently doing a writing course which is going extremely well. In fact, I got 100% on the module one test, which I am seriously proud of. Another thing I am proud of is being asked by a company to do a post for them, as well as being part of a companies writing team of bloggers. Oh and I am getting ready to volunteer at a cafe in my town. Yes, I did that. Me! The person who was once too afraid to leave the house on her own.

Things change for the better!

So, I thought it was time to reminisce and take you back to 2015, to show you some unseen and possibly embarrassing pictures of me, with an appearance from my mom and my friend Becky, to show what I was doing this time last year. Here we go:

The first two photos are from when me and my mom went to an art gallery, and just had to try on the detective hat. I felt like Benedict Cumberbatch, or Robert Downey Jr, dependent upon whether you prefer the TV show or the movies. To be honest, my mom looks more like she fits the role than me. #ChloesMomForFemaleSherlockHolmes


These next few photos come from a place called Ray’s Farm, which is a normal farm, but at the same time isn’t, because it has a large walk which features a lot of wood carvings, like the one I am sitting on below (it was seriously comfortable). Oh and most of them were based on fairy tales like the one where I am attempting to pull the sword out of the stone. Obviously I did it, because of my strength (I didn’t even get close).


I asked Becky if I could use this, and thankfully she said yes. So, here you have Becky as her usual self, and who accompanied me and my parents to RAF Cosford. It was one of the best days I actually had back then. I loved it, and wished it didn’t have to end. Most of my best times have been with Becky, and I am so glad that after all of this time, I still have her.


Maybe I will do something like this again at some point, and maybe go even further back than a year. Trust me, there are more photos like these of me, probably worse, but you will have to see.

What Were You Doing This Time Last Year?

Chloe Lauren x

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A Big Place! An Even Bigger Challenge!


Hey Guys,

The other day me and my mom took a trip to Birmingham, because I was desperate to see what the library was like there. You know, because I am a huge book nerd, and I had heard nothing but great things about it. However, as someone with anxiety, just the idea of going was frightening. I forced myself to go, and it ended up being a great day.

When we got there, we had no idea where we were going, as we hadn’t been there in years. For me, that was when I was still in a pushchair, so how was I supposed to remember what it was like? Easy, I wasn’t! Thankfully though, we met someone who pointed us in the right direction, but even that was only vague, so we had to ask others also. It was unbelievable just how helpful people were being to us. They had no problem with giving us a hand in finding our way around this city I had barely seen before.

You should have seen my face the moment I saw the building, I was in awe, and quickly taken back by the architecture. I am not usually a fan of modern buildings, but this was breathtaking, especially in person. I can honestly say, this is the biggest library I have had the pleasure of seeing. It has about 9 levels to it, with each level dedicated to different things that are going on, including a gallery on the 3rd, which at the moment is featuring everything Shakespeare. A bit further up, you have two terraces, one the Discovery Terrace, and the other, The Secret Garden, both of which offer a different viewing experience.

2016-05-17 15.13.59

The inside was HUGE, which I should have seen coming really, with what I just said was included in the building. We literally went from one escalator to another, just traveling up, and up, and up, just like Willy Wonka does with Charlie and his Grandad in the Glass Elevator. What I am trying to say is, it was magical in a way.

The next three pictures are taken from The Secret Garden, which is on the 7th floor of the building. It was a perfect place to sit down, and look out at the views of the area around us. This wasn’t even the top, and what you could see was far across the city, probably even beyond. It would have been more awesome if I had brought my copy of the book The Secret Garden.

IMG_20160517_121145IMG_20160517_1528262016-05-17 15.16.34

When we left the library, we went for a walk around the area, looking for a place to have lunch. We could have gone in the library cafe, but we weren’t sure if they did Gluten Free, meaning we had to look elsewhere.

Our walk took us past other buildings, all of which must have had significance, especially the one in the second picture below, which if I remember rightly was a sort of War Memorial.

2016-05-17 15.13.222016-05-17 15.14.382016-05-17 15.16.59

I noticed a sign for one of the museums in the area, and told my mom to look there, because I thought they were bound to have a cafe inside. I was right, but there wasn’t just one, but two cafes inside. We ended up going into the bigger of the two, not knowing where the other one was, had our usual tea, as well as our lunch, which was a bit more than I could chew (pun intended).

2016-05-17 15.13.42

By about 3pm, we were ready to make our way home, which wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. It took us a while to figure out where it was we were supposed to get back onto the tram we came on. You would think we would know! Once again, the people around were helpful, but could have been quicker to tell us, because we were standing around for what felt like forever.

I was just nervous to travel there, worried I would get in a panic, either on the way or on arrival, but I was fine. Sort of! I did it though, and that is all that matters. Another couple of times with my mom by my side, and I think I might be able to make it there on my own. Now that would be a challenge for me.

Where Have You Been That You Didn’t Expect To Be As Great As It Was?

Chloe Lauren x

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