Angry Birds The Movie | Movie Review

So I finally got around to watching this movie after being told it was ‘laugh out loud’ funny by several people who urged me to see it.

Hmm. How do I put this nicely?

It was funny, to a certain degree, but it definitely wasn’t roll on the floor, dying of laughter funny like I thought it was going to be. I think I laughed a couple of times, and that was mainly at the jokes that only adults would understand, including a sneaky reference to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ (cheeky), as well as certain parts of dialogue between the characters, mainly from the character Chuck with whoever he is speaking with. Apart from that, not really!

To be honest, I think after watching Paddington last year, the bar for family comedies, was raised pretty high, because that was hilarious (if you haven’t see it, you have to!).

I have never played the game. I was never really interested. I know, how dare I not join in with this world wide phenomenon. However, I know what it involves so I wasn’t particularly expecting much from it in terms of plot, but it ended up having an interesting and somewhat decent concept.

Angry birds go to anger management classes. See? Interesting as well as slightly humorous!

I really liked how they mentioned why the character Red is as angry as he is, by touching on the subject of bullying when he was younger. I still felt as though it could have had more to it than just one mini flashback.

The pigs were seriously annoying, and I don’t know what it is about them, but I found them rather creepy, even when I found out the voice of Leonard, the King of the Pigs, was Bill Hader. I guess that was the idea though. If so, then clearly they succeeded there.

When the idea from the game was finally introduced towards the end, during the battle between the Birds, and Pigs, I think it gave the movie that something extra, which makes people feel part of the story line, because of the familiarity. Not for me though. Also, it allows for the main characters to be seen in a totally different light, and finally get the acceptance they never knew they wanted. Obvious and predictable, but still makes you smile.

Oh and for any YouTube fans out there, these two minor but lovable characters are voiced by Ian Hecox, and Anthony Padilla from the popular YouTube channel, Smosh! I literally just found that out. Awesome right?

Chloe Lauren x

Zootopia Review | Movie Monday

Never have I ever seen a movie, let alone an animated movie, that was so reminiscent of the lives we all lead on a daily basis. These animals have basically managed to show us the realest piece of cinematography I have seen in a while, whilst at the same time battling some serious issues that still go one today, but in a way that even children can understand and comprehend. I am of course referring to how they use the idea of stereotyping, dependent on how each individual animal is. Take Nick for example, he is a fox, and because he is a fox, he is feared and seen in only one way, a criminal, who can’t escape the label, and because of this, has taken on this way of life as a result.

Oh and discrimination seems to find its way into this film also when Nick wants to buy something from a shop, it may have been for the wrong reasons, but before they knew why, they sent him away for not belonging there. This also happens to a few of the other characters, such as my moms favourite, Officer Clawhauser, who was just so sweet, and did not deserve the injustice he received!!!

Is this fair? No! Does this still happen today with us? Yes!

However, as well as the bad sides to life, you also have Judy Hopps, a small Rabbit, who aspires so much to be a police officer, but who’s family and other people she encounters along the way, does not believe in her enough to do it, due to her size and who she is and where she comes from. Thankfully, she manages to inspire the audience as she ignores what others say and still fights for what she wants. See, even the smallest of people can make it big and make a difference, so there is still hope for me yet.

The growing friendship between Judy and Nick is important as it knocks the previous barriers down, and shows that giving someone a chance, and believing in them can go a long way. I love this! Although Nick starts off very cocky and confident, you can tell that all he wants is someone to see him for who he is, rather than the species he is, and this is why their friendship just constantly works, even through all of the hardships they face.

As well as hitting these issues well on the head, we also have the comedy aspect that Disney obviously couldn’t forget about, and in this film, it was mainly the scenes involving the Sloths that will have you laughing, especially that of Flash. Obviously the perfect name for a Sloth right? No better fit!

You will quickly fall in love with this movie, its main characters, and the friendships that come with it, as well as having to think, especially after it is over, about how some people are still treated today. Well done Disney for spreading such a great message to your viewers.

Chloe Lauren x

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I ‘Spy’ A Movie That Will Kill You With Laughter | Movie Monday

Comedic actress Melissa McCarthy hit the jackpot in 2015 with Spy, along with her Co stars, Jason Statham, Jude Law and of course one of the UK’s favourite comediennes, Miranda Hart who if I’m honest, isn’t appreciated enough for her role in this movie.

Spy sees Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) land her first proper assignment out in the ‘field’ where she goes undercover to investigate an arms dealer, whilst also trying to avenge her friend and partner, Bradley Fine (Jude Law). Whilst out in the public eye, Cooper finds herself in a lot more trouble than originally planned by ‘befriending’ Rayna Boyanov (Rosa Byrne).

With the help of friend Nancy (Miranda Hart) and unintentional help from Rick Ford (Jason Statham), who just wants to solve the case before Cooper, manage to prevent possible disaster.

This movie is filled completely to the brim with humour, which may not suit everybody’s taste, but for those who will find it entertaining, they will laugh at almost every twist and turn possible.

At certain points, the story line weakens, but that does not detract much from the main plot, and on the whole will keep you in stitches throughout so prepare yourself for the constant laughter that will keep your stomach hurting from start to end. This is very easily one of the best performances by Melissa McCarthy that I have seen to date, and really showed a different side to Jason Statham, as well as Jude Law. If you love to laugh, this is the movie for you!

Chloe Lauren x

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5 Reasons To Watch ‘Space Jam’ | Movie Monday

Hey Guys,

Today I bring you one of mine, and I know quite a few other people’s favourite movies growing up, Space Jam! In case you haven’t seen it yet, here are five reasons why you should go away right after reading this, and watch it.

Michael Jordan:

The NBA Legend that is Michael Jordan, assists the Looney Tunes in order to help them beat The Monstars in a game of Basketball, in order to retain the lives they currently have.

The Looney Tunes Bring The Fun:

The Looney Tunes are hilarious, and from what I have known, they have been. What do you expect? I mean, they are known for being wacky and causing mayhem, especially amongst each other. Bugs Bunny is hilarious, as are the rest of them, but I really feel sorry for Daffy, he isn’t appreciated enough!

The Monstars:

The Nerdlucks, a group of small aliens, steal the talent from famous NBA stars, making them The Monstars, leaving the NBA players failing in their own careers. Charles Barkley even gets showed up by a young girl. How embarrassing?

Bill Murray Saves The Day:

Who doesn’t love Bill Murray? The comedic actor gets told throughout that he shouldn’t play Basketball at a professional level, ruining his dreams, but when the TuneSquad are in danger of forfeiting the game, he jumps into action and saves the day.

The Arm Though:

This is probably one of the most iconic moments of the entire movie, one that you don’t forget. Oh and I am just going to put this out there, you shouldn’t try this at home, you’re not Michael Jordan! It is pretty awesome though!

Have You Seen Space Jam? What Did You Think Of It?

Lonely Girl x

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