The Jungle Book (2016) | Movie Review

I literally finished this book last week, so to delve right back into this world so quickly, was awesome as I really got to see how it would adapt to screen…once again. I actually think this was one of the best book to movie adaptions I have seen in a while, and definitely beats the original. I didn’t think it would be possible, but it really did.

This was what I would call a more mature version of this film, and featured a great script full of so much heart and fitted this amazing cast well. The visual effects and the array of camera shots throughout really made this what it was. I was truly impressed. It helped bring forward the main concept for this particular movie, that being the feeling of belonging, and being accepted for what you are.

The characters were brought to life in a way we didn’t get to see before, especially Shere Khan, who was brilliantly voiced by Idris Elba. His low gravelly tone fit this character perfectly, making him a villain you love to hate.

I also felt that Akela, the leader of the wolf pack, was very reminiscent of Aslan from Narnia. I am not sure if anyone will think that once they have seen it, but I found it to be very familiar, but in a good way.

Something I really loved about this was how different Bagheera and Baloo were portrayed in this, than in the first movie, as well as the book. Baloo in particular was shown to be a bit of a hustler, or as Bagheera calls him, a ‘con artist’. However, over the course of the movie, we see how they evolve into the characters that we know and love, including how Baloo’s friendship with Mowgli causes him to change his ways, and finally care for someone other than himself.

If you want action, adventure, and whole lot of bravery, this is just the movie for you. A classic reinvented, and a love that will remain for years to come.

Chloe Lauren x

If I Stay Review | Movie Monday

If I stay follows Mia (Chloe Grace Moretz) a High School student who, along with her parents and younger brother, get caught in a horrific car accident leaving her in a coma, but still able to see everything that is going on around her, as well as the family and friends that come to visit whilst she is in hospital.

This heart wrenching movie has such a strong concept which is portrayed well throughout as well as remaining consistent as the story goes on. With a main character and relationship that you can’t help but root for from the very beginning.

A theme which is at the forefront of this film, is the idea of standing out, and not being afraid of being who you truly are. We see this through the flashbacks that occur at almost every scene, which in turn tell a story of Mia’s life before the crash, where we see her as a classical musician, but whose family are into music which is a little heavier, leaving her feeling like an outcast. However, we find that her family and boyfriend, Adam, love her regardless, probably more so, for being different.

I think this is an important message to send out, especially to a younger audience, who think that they need to change to fit in, when really, it makes them more susceptible to self loathing later on. Everyone is different, so we should celebrate that, and help people love their individuality, and thankfully, this movie helps to see that.

The romance between Mia and Adam plays a major role to the story line, as we get to witness how she slowly gets brought out of her comfort zone, to become something we didn’t see in the beginning. The development for the character of Mia was done so well, and most of this was thanks to their relationship.

Adam was very surprising to me, as I didn’t expect him to be the way he was, but you can really tell he cares about Mia, especially when he joins her bedside at the hospital. This was one of the best scenes in the entire movie, and where you truly see their love for each other as something more than childish, but true in a way. He is even open to letting her go, which is definitely a touching moment, and one that shows Adam’s character development.

A special movie about the bond between family, as well as the importance of loving every moment as though it were your last. This is definitely a movie for those who are looking for something to make even your heart cry (great picture made for you there) as well as something to make you think. Such an amazing adaption of a book I love and hold dearly.

Chloe Lauren x

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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Review | Movie Monday

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is a heartbreaking movie, spanning over the length of an entire year, and features Logan Lerman as Charlie, a book loving teenager who has experienced a lot of troubles in his past, most of which he keeps locked away in his vault, otherwise known as his mind. Charlie begins the movie by writing a letter to let his feelings out, and this soon becomes apparent that this is the only form of communication he has to truly be himself.

We see Charlie begin a new school, feeling alone, but soon finds seniors, Patrick (Ezra Miller) and Sam (Emma Watson), who bring him into their friendship group, making him an honorary member of a group featuring people who don’t seem to fit in but fit well together. They just work!

Sam in particular is someone who Charlie finds to be of interest and finds himself falling for her. However, there are complications which make it harder for them to be together, complications which we all have experienced, especially as teenagers, others more mentally scarring, specifically to Charlie.

The more we learn about his experiences and the memories he can’t escape, the more I was emotionally affected. It was terrible to see but definitely made me understand him a lot more.

I couldn’t help but adore Charlie, he was such a lovable character who you root for from the get go, even through all of the hardships. Damn that boy has been through a lot.

This movie is more than just a film, it is something which paves the way for all teenagers, in fact everybody. There is something in it which at some point we have been through or seen first hand. The stories within it are relatable and are apart of the journey we take from adolescence into adulthood, from romance to feeling alone.

I will leave you with this warning though, it is a great movie but you will feel every last emotion there is to feel and the story won’t leave you, at all. Trust me. I am officially emotionally scarred, just from watching.

Chloe Lauren x

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Inside Out Review | Movie Monday

We all have something in common, emotions, and we all know how much of a bumpy ride these emotions can be and make you feel. We also know how they take over every part of our lives, especially during the teen years, where they are all over the place and seriously out of control. Inside Out shows us exactly that, and how one little girls life, as well as all of our own, can be effected by these emotions on a daily basis.

Clearly something every single on of us can relate to right? I can! I am very easily an emotional wreck practically every day. Damn you emotions!

(Anger was by far my favourite character, but it the worst emotion to have in real life. Ironic? I think so.)

Anyway, the movie follows Riley, an 11 year old, who along with her parents move from their home in Minnesota, to San Francisco, where her life seems to go from perfect to horrible. It doesn’t help that two of her main emotions, Joy and Sadness, get lost in her long term memory and have to find their way back to main headquarters before it’s too late.

This story deals with that most, if not all people will face at some point in their life. This includes moving home, having to leave old friend’s behind, starting again in a new school, being in a completely new place and knowing absolutely no one, etc. Riley and the little friend’s inside her head have a lot to learn in their new environment and more to accept then they will expect to.

Inside Out is definitely a thought provoking and obviously emotional journey, in both the literal sense, as well as in the way that you will laugh and cry (bring tissues).

Disney Pixar has created probably one of its most relatable and well loved hits to date. A true masterpiece.

By the way, it is ok sometimes to not have control over your emotions, it just proves that you are human, and not just some robot living inside a humans body. Although, let’s face it that would cool.

All of the emotions, work to make you the person you are, and if you think you are too sad, angry or scared, it will be ok, because you will always have Joy to help you in the end.

Chloe Lauren x

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