Minions Movie Review | Movie Monday


The minions, the lovable characters we all fell in love with in the Despicable Me movies, return to our screens yet again, but this time around they are the stars (not like they weren’t before).

We follow the Minions from a single celled organism to what we know them as now, where they go from one evil master to another. After several failed attempts, mainly due to their crazy behavior, Kevin, Stuart and Bob go on a mission and find themselves in the care of Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock), a world renowned super villain who decides to use them in order to steal the Queen’s crown, but not before they get accused of stealing it for themselves. This causes a lot of trouble for our little yellow friends on their journey to finding a stable home.

These quirky, little characters have held a special place in my heart, ever since I saw the first Despicable Me movie, and their comical nature has always worked well with audiences, and for that, I was extremely EXCITED to watch this. I mean who wasn’t?

Unfortunately, it didn’t reach the HIGH expectations I originally had for it. I thought it would surpass, or at least match the standard of their previous movies but it really didn’t. Nowhere near!

The first part of the film was basically what you saw in the trailers. It was funny the first time round, but that meant I didn’t have anything new to expect or enjoy. Also, I felt that the minions lacked the same characteristics they had before and didn’t seem as well thought out for this movie.

Scarlett Overkill, just like the Minions, was not portrayed in the same light as we were shown in the trailers, but did show a bit of development throughout the movie, but not enough to the point that you got to know the character.

This was really disappointing to me.

However, despite this let down, the jokes were coming in thick and fast and although it is a movie made specifically for a younger audience, it did have some jokes which were aimed at an older audience, and therefore made it more enjoyable for a much wider audience then that of just children.

Overall, the comedy was well put together, but the characteristics of certain characters, including then Minions and also Scarlett Overkill, as well as the opening sequence, were a bit undeveloped and were not what I was expecting for this.

Lonely Girl Awards The Minions Movie: 2.5 / 5 Happy Faces