Don’t Fear Your Past! Look To The Future!

Memories Can't Change(1)

Hey Guys,

Memories are important, they give us a chance to look back and smile at things that have happened to us. Just something to look back on, and remember forever. However, they are also extremely powerful, and can easily take a hold of your life if you’re not careful, especially the ones that you do not wish to remember, the more hurtful and scarring ones coming to the forefront of your mind. The very ones that will drag you back if you let them.

Unfortunately, a lot of us think of ourselves as being a little bit too weak, and therefore find it difficult to let go of them, letting them fully take over. I don’t think it is weakness, not now anyway. I did at one point, for a long time, but right now I see it as an opportunity, to turn the bad into good, a negative into a positive, and become the person I want to be.

Our memories are just a reminder of what was, and not what is or will be in our futures. A time will come when the memories that once were the cause of our hurt, will be there to assist us to that better life that we oh so dream of.

If we never get hurt or make mistakes, how are we supposed to grow, and realise we need to make a change in our own lives? Simple answer, we wouldn’t.

For a long time I have let mine destroy the person I was, making me angry and striving for a way to get rid of them, but now I realise, I need them, and want them, so in a few years time I can look back and say, you did it. You made it!

These memories were just the push we needed! It seems hard, trust me, I am still dealing with my troubles, but one day we will win. After all, we are part of TeamAwesome so of course we will!

The Perfect Song To Begin Your New Outlook On Life:

Chloe Lauren x

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Lost In A Sea Of Words

A sea of words,
Flood through into my brain,
Memories and thoughts being washed away.

The current is strong,
It is too hard to bare,
No lifeboats in sight,
Nobody left to care.

But what is left,
Everything has now been spoken,
With one final breath,
My sleep is broken.

More alive than I have ever been.