Great news. I’m starting a NEW job!

Hey. What’s up? It’s your girl, Chloe.

Hope you’re all good and are ready for the Easter bank holiday weekend ahead of us.

I definitely am!

Is it time for a long weekend? Check.

Am I ready to eat more chocolate than I probably should? Of course.

Am I preparing myself for a well earned rest? That one would be a no.

Not in a bad way, don’t worry. I’m not neglecting my well-being.

Quite the opposite actually.

I love keeping busy. I’m not one to just sit back and do nothing.

That has never been my style.

If I ever do find myself without anything to do, you can be sure that I will either be annoyed, frustrated or just plain bored.

Basically, I’m just not a fan of the ‘no things to do all day’ life.

From a young age I was encouraged to keep doing. Keep going. Keep working.

I’ll admit, that energy may not have been always focused in the correct places, but now that mindset has changed and my choices are healthier.

It’s positive, just like what I want to talk to you guys about today.

I was very set on sharing a completely different post, but due to recent events and something which happened just today, I feel this seems too perfectly timed and needs to be shouted about, so stay with me.

In my first post back from my blogging break, I shared some of the changes I had faced during this period of living in a national lockdown.

And trust me, a LOT of changes occurred.

If you’ve read that post, you will know what I mean.

But thinking back to that, one notable change was about me moving forward in my professional career.

I mentioned how I had been at a company as a Digital Marketing Executive for 3 and a half years, but have since decided to begin the next chapter of my life with another company.

Exciting but nerve wracking at the same time.

The reason I bring this up again, is because IT actually happened.

What is IT, I hear you ask over there in the corner?

No. IT isn’t that deranged clown with the red balloon from that movie I have yet to see.

IT refers to today, the 1st April 2021, which just so happened to be my last working day at that company.

Now I’ve said it like that, I’m worried some of you may not believe me, but you have to just trust me on this.

I know April 1st has its reputation for terrible jokes and unwanted pranks, but I swear to you with my entire being, that what I am telling you is nothing but the truth.

First, I want to send a quick thank you to my colleagues for what was a great little send off. The gifts were awesome.

A new mug for my many cups of tea, a candle to light my evenings, and more sweet items than you will probably know what to do with.

Seriously, one of my colleagues, Toby, bought in about 12 packs of my favourite biscuits, Golden Crunch Creams.

I could lie and say it will take me forever to get through them, but I can’t do that.

Check back with me next week. I can’t guarantee a single pack will be left.

Nor will the three mini bottles of wine, Jerome bought in for me.

I can already hear my walking app, Sweatcoin, calling out to me.

Sugar levels aside, this is now another change to add to my diary.

Another major event to add to my lockdown woes.

Another moment of real growth.

For that reason, I am truly grateful for the experience.

I feel every day is building me into something bigger and stronger than I was before.

These are life events we will be able to look back on and admire for the courage they will have taken to achieve at that time.

Talking of, when I first joined this company and job role back in 2017, it was my first glance into the REAL working world.

Back then I was still struggling with my confidence.

I wasn’t sure of myself. I doubted things. And my Mental Health was in quite the position.

I remember even just stepping in the office, let alone working for 8 hours, felt like a challenge in my head but I did it.

Sometimes it’s amazing when you realise just how much you have overcome when you have to do so and it’s pleasing for me to recall everything that happened during that journey from A to B.

From the person I no longer recognise, to the person you see today.

I am different. I couldn’t be more happy to say that either.

I hope you feel you can say that also.

I may not know your situation or what you are going through, but boy can I empathise.

Life isn’t always a straight forward ride. It comes with a few dips and turns here and there.

As someone who despises rollercoasters, it frightens me to my very core, sometimes in more ways than you can imagine, but that’s not going to stop me, nor should it stop you.

Stop off at points, catch your breath, and get back to it.

I wouldn’t suggest you do that on a rollercoaster, but you get my point.

Choose your next goal and go for it.

In the words of the wonderfully talented, Shia LaBeouf…


Until next time.

Your friend,

Chloe Lauren


TMI Tag 2020…ULTIMATE EDITION (Not really) | YouTube Video

A week or so ago I mentioned I’d started making videos during lockdown and adding them to my Instagram and Twitter profiles. They were my fun little escape during the extra down time.

Somehow, people enjoyed them and pestered me (in a nice way) to take it to the next level…YOUTUBE!

Dun dun dunnnn.

As of Sunday I had fully filmed, edited and uploaded my first official video to my YouTube Channel, Life as Chloe Lauren.

Check it out here 👇

Like what you see? If so, please help your girl out. Make sure to follow me here for more, head over to my channel and subscribe and share the video to help me further my reach.

Any and all support is appreciated my friends.

Oh and finally, if you have something you have always wanted to do, I am now in a position to say please just go for it. Fear holds us back more than we should allow it to.

Life really is a virtual insanity now for me. Join me!

Chloe Lauren

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The Relaunch No One Knew They Needed!

This honestly feels a little odd. It truly has been quite some time, hasn’t it?

In fact i’m almost certain it has been a year now since I was mustering the courage to write a post like this.

Like they say though, better late than never.

You know, that age old excuse we all think helps us get away with anything we find ourselves being late on.

But with everything going on around us right now, keeping us in a feeling of swimming down to new unknown depths, but with blurred vision, I needed something to keep me somewhat sane. If that’s at all possible.

It’s very easy to get lost in it all. To fall into this trap of sudden panic and allow the hectic clutter of noise sourrounding us all to take over.

Unfortunately, for a little while at least, I did.

However now, i’ve given my mind back something worth concentrating on again when I’m not having fun with my own job.

Don’t worry. This isn’t just going to be a passing moment for me. I’d been planning on making my return for a while. I had to. I needed to.

This blog and everything that initially came with it has been ingrained in the corner of memories, burning into me, pushing me to pick it back up.

Right now just seemed as good a time as any.

Saying that, I assumed it would be difficult. Jumping head first back into something I didn’t even think I would be able to do anymore. I worried that no one would even remember I was ever here.

Thankfully none of that has been the case. It really feels like it always did.

I’m back. As I should be. Yet not everything is or will be as it once was.

Things have changed. I’ve changed.

So what’s different? I know you all desperately want to know so let me just show you before you all EXPLODE with excitement.

First I want to introduce you to the BRAND NEW logo and tagline for Life as Chloe Lauren.

Now i’m no designer, but I really am rather happy with how this turned out.

This simple but effective little sense of fun practically encapsulates what I and this blog are about.

No. Not plain.


Moving on, we have the entirely new layout of my homepage as an overall concept.

Chloe from years gone by would never have shown her face on this space, or just about anywhere for that matter.

If you were around near the time of this blog being created, and then some time following, you will most likely remember that overly timid side of me.

Now in 2020, Chloe Lauren is not one to shy away. It might look as though I love the camera a bit more than I should. If you’ve seen my Instagram (@lifeaschloelauren) you will definitely know what I mean.

Last but of course never least, my favourite part of this new chapter.


I always thought this should have been a step I took before. People even willed me to do so, but I just didn’t believe in myself the way I should have.

I’ve grown a lot if you couldn’t tell by this overwhelming child like excitement I am exuding right now.

Proud of me?

So there you have it. I have returned. Life as Chloe Lauren has been relaunched.

Are you ready for what is next? I am!

Let the virtual insanity continue.

Chloe Lauren

COMING SOON: Beginners Guide To Social Media Marketing

Hi all,

Do you see the same value in Social Media as I do?

Working as a Digital Marketing Executive, and dealing face to face with clients on a daily basis, I still notice a notable apprehension to the idea of using Social Media as part of a businesses ongoing marketing strategy.

I mean, it’s 2019. If you’re not active on Social and interacting with the audience you wish to reach regularly, I have to ask, do you even business though?

Don’t worry I do get it. Many people see the dark side of social, including the scandals that have arisen over the past couple of years as well as the obvious trolls you may get from your posts. They really can put you off.

However, that does not do justice to the other, more prominent side of it, which is nothing but good.

Used properly, Social Media can truly enhance a business, putting them at a real advantage because…

  1. More often than not, your competitors will already be there
  2. It allows you to speak directly to your customer or client
  3. Captures your companies real personality
  4. You become part of a wider conversation and community
  5. Expands on your business reach
  6. Works as part of your SEO strategy

And so on. I could really go on and you know what I will.

To celebrate my blogging return, and to give people more insight into the world of Social Media Marketing, I am bringing you a full series based around what I have picked up over the last couple of years.

In between I will also be shedding light on other Marketing based areas to get you up to speed in your business or even blogging life.

Ready to take on Social? I am!

Chloe Lauren.