I ‘Spy’ A Movie That Will Kill You With Laughter | Movie Monday


Comedic actress Melissa McCarthy hit the jackpot in 2015 with Spy, along with her Co stars, Jason Statham, Jude Law and of course one of the UK’s favourite comediennes, Miranda Hart who if I’m honest, isn’t appreciated enough for her role in this movie.


Spy sees Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) land her first proper assignment out in the ‘field’ where she goes undercover to investigate an arms dealer, whilst also trying to avenge her friend and partner, Bradley Fine (Jude Law). Whilst out in the public eye, Cooper finds herself in a lot more trouble than originally planned by ‘befriending’ Rayna Boyanov (Rosa Byrne).


With the help of friend Nancy (Miranda Hart) and unintentional help from Rick Ford (Jason Statham), who just wants to solve the case before Cooper, manage to prevent possible disaster.

This movie is filled completely to the brim with humour, which may not suit everybody’s taste, but for those who will find it entertaining, they will laugh at almost every twist and turn possible.


At certain points, the story line weakens, but that does not detract much from the main plot, and on the whole will keep you in stitches throughout so prepare yourself for the constant laughter that will keep your stomach hurting from start to end. This is very easily one of the best performances by Melissa McCarthy that I have seen to date, and really showed a different side to Jason Statham, as well as Jude Law. If you love to laugh, this is the movie for you!

Chloe Lauren x

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