Christmas Movie Giveaway | UK Entries Only!

Christmas is quickly coming upon us, with only 3 days to go until the big day. To celebrate, I thought I would host a giveaway in order to thank you guys for this year, whether you are new to the blog, or been here since the beginning. Christmas is a time for giving, and I just think it is only fair to give back and show recognition to those who have given so much to me recently.

This is for you!


Up for grabs are two movie favourites, one which has ruled 2016, and the other that has had everyone in love at Christmas time. Oh and just as a little extra, I am throwing in a Galaxy Smooth Milk bar.

What could be a better way to spend New Years Eve and take you into 2017? Nothing, that’s what.

Anyway, I would just love to seriously thank you guys. Without you all, I wouldn’t have made it past 50 followers, let alone 950+. You are all absolutely amazing.

Have a great Christmas and an AWESOME New Years!



Chloe Lauren x

P.S. It is only UK residents as I haven’t got the money to ship them out any further than that. Sorry.

200 Followers + Giveaway

autumn moments(2)

Hey Guys,

I hope you all had a great day yesterday because I really did. Do you want to know why? Don’t worry, I will tell you why, I hit 200 FOLLOWERS that’s why. How great is that?

Can you actually believe that? I am literally so excited right now. When I found out I was at 199 followers, the anticipation just became so much, to the point that time seemed to slow down just a little, because I was so excited for that one extra follower to join our little AWESOME team.

It really doesn’t feel that long ago that I had just hit the big 100. That in itself was a huge achievement, and now look, we are celebrating once again, after just 15 days.

I really do have to thank all of you, my WONDERFUL followers! You don’t understand how much of a difference you have all made and the impact you have on me since I began this blog back in October. Every view, like and comment this blog receives, I appreciate more than you could ever imagine I do. You never cease to cheer me up with the love and support you all give me. You are all great, every last one of you!!!

In order to thank you all properly, I am running a giveaway to win a £20 Amazon Gift Card. If you would like to enter, click on the link below.


Lonely Girl x