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My mom, the amazing woman that she obviously is, won tickets with Free Radio a while back to see a screening of Pan on the new XPlus screens in Showcase Cinemas before it came out. It was like a serious VIP style experience, from red carpets to free popcorn and drinks. Awesome!!!

Then the actual movie began, and that is when things became REAL!

Pan is the untold story hat you wish you had seen before. It shows a totally different side to the tale we all thought we knew. It is like a door you can go through in order to see the real Peter Pan, and the boy he was way before he went to Neverland.

We see Peter (Levi Miller) like we have never seen him. We witness his early life and how he ends up becoming the legend we have all grown to love. We even get to meet Hook (Garrett Hedlund), otherwise known as James and the friendship he and Peter once had.

Sometimes even the worst of enemies can begin as friends!

This movie has some very strong characters, from Peter to Hook, who are totally different to what I would have perceived them to be originally. I definitely had a preconception that Hook was going to be extremely arrogant. This may have been true for a short while but it didn’t last long. It turned out, he is actually a really sensitive guy, who realises what actually matters, especially his friendship with Peter, as well as a blossoming relationship with Tiger Lily.

I don’t think I could actually talk about this movie without mentioning the amazing portrayal of both Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara) and Captain Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman). These two characters were perfect additions to the film and added so much depth to the overall story.

Tiger lily, the princess of a tribe in Neverland, befriends Hook and Peter, and assists them on their journey. She was probably my favourite character and was really an excellent representation of the female power. It was awe inspiring. Also, I love how passionate and loyal she was throughout, such a genuine character.

Blackbeard, the villain, played by one of my favourite actors, was played so well and became someone you can’t help but love to hate, which I imagine was the main intention. I never thought Hugh Jackman was the best choice for this part but I was so wrong.

Oh, and just for the record, did you know that there are scenes which include Amanda Seyfried and Cara Delevigne? Well you do now! It’s ok, I am just here to help you all!

This film really outlines the idea of feeling alone, and trying to find where you belong in this big world. This concept was very true for almost every characters, specifically Peter who had no belief in himself and the abilities others knew he had. This was mainly due to no one having faith in him previously.

At first, he comes across as having so much strength mentally, but this turns out to be a front he has learned to put on, just as it does with James, especially when we get to know more about them.

Throughout, Peter strives to fill a void, from not just his mother but who he is as a person, as well as having something to finally fight for.

Pan, a magical adventure which is special and will have you ‘hooked’ in on the storyline so quickly, you won’t even believe it has happened. What you have seen before, is nothing compared to this!

Lonely Girl Awards Pan: 5 / 5 Happy Faces

Lonely Girl x

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Insurgent Review | Movie Monday


I really loved Divergent, it was a fun filled adventure which was filled to the brim with suspense and action. It was a brilliant adaption of the novel by Veronica Roth, and now we have Insurgent, the 2nd installment of this trilogy.

How did it compare?

Insurgent takes place just a few days after the ending sequence of Divergent finishes, and Dauntless members, Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) are still on the run from Erudite leader, Jeanine (Kate Winslet) by keeping refuge within Amity.

When their cover is finally blown, they find themselves in the hands of the Factionless, which we find Four has a connection to, due to their leader also being his mother.

Tris is then taken and used by Jeanine to open a box which is said contain an important message, but which is unknown to everyone else. The message can only be revealed by someone who is Divergent, such as Tris.

Apart from the Action/Adventure angle the movie is known for, there is also a romantic side which plays an integral role in the story line.

We see Tris and Fours relationship develop even further than when we last saw them in the previous movie. Their chemistry is practically perfect, both on screen, and also as themselves off screen. They just seem to really fit.

We also see how Tris and Caleb’s (Ansel Elgort) relationship as well as their bond changes, compared to that of the last film. In the previous movie, we see how close they were, and although Caleb strays for a while, he returns to his sisters side at battle. However, in this installment of the trilogy, we see him do the complete opposite, and leave her when she needs him the most.

This really annoyed me, because I love Ansel Elgort. I seriously loved him. I will always remember him as Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars from now on, although I personally prefer Four and Tris together, rather than Augustus and Hazel.

I wonder who Shailene Woodley preferred?

I am clearly going off track here!

This movie really reminded me how much the character of Peter (Miles Teller) aggravated me. He really made me want to rip my hair out on so many occasions. Towards the end however, he does redeem himself a little, and I mean only a little. I still didn’t particularly like him, even when he did try and help.

He was arrogant, and so full of himself. How can people like his character? Sure he helped but I can’t see me liking him in the next film, but maybe I will. I don’t know!

Thanks to Insurgent, I now hate Caleb almost as much as I do for Peter. Who’s next? Four? Obviously not, but I am just saying.

The ending to me seemed too similar to the ending of another movie. I am of course referring to The Maze Runner, which I also loved, but due to seeing the same thing before, all of the excitement I should have had, was already gone. I was  seriously disappointed. I loved the first movie for its originality, especially with the way in which certain elements were filmed, and now look, it’s like looking in a movie mirror.

Insurgent was no doubt a good addition to the trilogy, but failed to capture the same standard as the very first movie, Divergent. Oh well!

Have you seen Insurgent? Did you enjoy it?

Lonely Girl x

Movie Monday – ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Review


As part of my families yearly tradition to go to the Cinema on New Years Eve, me and my mom went to see not just mine, but many other people’s most anticipated movie of the year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

As soon as the opening titles began rolling, and the theme tune to the movie came on, my excitement was beyond my control. It felt just like the first time I actually watched any of the movies, and the moment I knew that I was completely in love with the franchise.

I went into the movie having already made certain expectations about how I think it will go. I knew it would be good, but never thought that it would be anywhere near as good as it actually ended up being. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely not on the same par and level as episodes 4, 5 and 6, but let’s be honest, nothing could be, it is still a lot better than the prequels could ever be.

Something I really loved about this movie, was how we get the chance to meet with some old and well loved friend’s as well as some newer faces. This along with some very familiar elements which were added to the story line, really evoked the feeling of nostalgia. This is great for fans of the franchise, as it let’s the movies all come together as one true story which all flow into each other well. Also, it adds more depth to what we already know, and hints to what might be to come.

Our two leads, Rey and Finn, made for a great new edition to the movies, and to me, seemed like a mixture of many previous characters all put together. For example, Rey reminded me very much of Luke Skywalker when he was younger, however, later on in the movie it becomes evident as to why. Anyway, the chemistry between the two of them was awesome to see and made for a much more enjoyable performance, as their friendship seemed real.

The action within the movie was executed so well, and really stuck to the style of the franchise. The effects and the dialogue used fit these moments almost perfectly.

It was AWESOME! Even my mom ended up enjoying it, and that is really saying something.

With appearances from the likes of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and even Mark Hamill, as well as a few twists that may have you on the edge of your seat, or even possibly break you a little, this is a movie not to miss.

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