Don’t Fear Your Past! Look To The Future!

Memories Can't Change(1)

Hey Guys,

Memories are important, they give us a chance to look back and smile at things that have happened to us. Just something to look back on, and remember forever. However, they are also extremely powerful, and can easily take a hold of your life if you’re not careful, especially the ones that you do not wish to remember, the more hurtful and scarring ones coming to the forefront of your mind. The very ones that will drag you back if you let them.

Unfortunately, a lot of us think of ourselves as being a little bit too weak, and therefore find it difficult to let go of them, letting them fully take over. I don’t think it is weakness, not now anyway. I did at one point, for a long time, but right now I see it as an opportunity, to turn the bad into good, a negative into a positive, and become the person I want to be.

Our memories are just a reminder of what was, and not what is or will be in our futures. A time will come when the memories that once were the cause of our hurt, will be there to assist us to that better life that we oh so dream of.

If we never get hurt or make mistakes, how are we supposed to grow, and realise we need to make a change in our own lives? Simple answer, we wouldn’t.

For a long time I have let mine destroy the person I was, making me angry and striving for a way to get rid of them, but now I realise, I need them, and want them, so in a few years time I can look back and say, you did it. You made it!

These memories were just the push we needed! It seems hard, trust me, I am still dealing with my troubles, but one day we will win. After all, we are part of TeamAwesome so of course we will!

The Perfect Song To Begin Your New Outlook On Life:

Chloe Lauren x

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People Will Hide For The Sake Of Others!

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all of the wonderful comments I received  on my post yesterday. Every one made me smile, and I can’t believe how much love and support I actually have out there so seriously, thank you. I appreciate you all very much, so much so that I decided to share another little poem with you, as it is Friday, and I love to get creative on Friday’s.

This poem outlines how I think everyone will feel at some point, definitely how I have felt.

Not everybody likes to share these two sides, because they think it shows weakness. I know, because I have been there, but if you never share how you truly feel, you will never feel free, and no one will be able to help. It’s difficult, but will hopefully be worth it in the long run.

surf school(2)

If like me you hide your true emotions, it’s ok, and completely normal. Find someone you trust, maybe a close friend, let them in and allow them to see the real you, and let them help you. There is no point living the lie, because eventually you get found out. I only ever did it so I didn’t hinder anyone in my life, but I hurt myself more by doing so.

If you can’t find anyone, you have an entire support group right here, including myself. We are here for you. Just remember everything will work out in the end!

Chloe Lauren x

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Valentines Day + 300 Follower Thank You

Hey Guys,

I always told you I would be topical so I am going to be.

Right about now.

It is almost Valentines Day, but I am not in love, nor am I currently seeing anyone. I am in no rush to either, although a lot of people think it is weird that I am still single. So what if I am single? It’s my life and I have a right to want to be alone until I am ready to be with someone. So why people judge, I don’t know why!


However, I must say, I have liked people in the past, to the point that it hurts when they casually mention their girlfriend to you. Thanks for that!

Basically, what I am trying to say is, I have no one for Valentines Day. Just the mention of that day makes me feel terrible about myself, like I am not good enough, but when people do like me, I never notice anyway until it is too little too late. I am clearly not the most observant person in the world.


I am doing this post because I hate how some people define you by whether or not you are in a relationship. Why would you do that? Just because someone is not with someone, does not make them any different, or any less happy than you may currently be. I am happy for those who have someone, but also for those who don’t.

Obviously, it is good to celebrate your relationship with Valentines Day, but love comes in all shapes and forms, so why aren’t they also explored with a special day. I love my friends and family, and that is important, or should be anyway. I think we should at least acknowledge these as well so right now I am going to for those who don’t.


*I do not own these pictures.

To all my friends, family, and of course my followers, I love each and every one of you! I just love everyone.

Actually talking about my followers, I think it is important to mention that yesterday we have reached over 300 followers!!! Wooo!


Oh and thank you all for the lovely birthday messages 🙂 I hope you loved the Psych gifs. I chose them because I LOVE them!!!

Lonely Girl x

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Saying Sorry For No Reason

Friend Or Foe_(1)

Hey Guys,

We have all said sorry at some point, that is a given, but what if you said sorry all of the time? Now that would be a problem. Right?

Perhaps in the past you hurt someone, not intentionally, but you did, and you knew an apology was in order, so you go up to that person and you tell them that you were sorry for what you did. Most times they will accept that apology, because they can tell you meant it and know you enough to know you wouldn’t do it again.

I will apologise when I have done something to somebody. I will admit, I can sometimes say the wrong thing, at the wrong time, not meaning to hurt anyone. I am only human after all.

I also feel the need to apologise when I didn’t do a single thing wrong. It has become an instant reaction for me now. I could be the victim in a situation, and I will still be the one to say sorry. That is one thing I really hate about myself.

I bet you are wondering where this all came from, well a few years ago, I was stuck in a very unhealthy friendship, where I was constantly being tormented and hurt by the same person, my so called ‘friend’.

The person doing this was so clever with how they spoke, so much so that they could get out of anything, and even make me say sorry to them for hurting me. I was being manipulated to the point that now I am too scared not to say sorry to people, even for the smallest of things. I get worried that my actions are going to cause people to leave me, and just walk out of my life

Saying sorry has become my security, and also an insecurity, as I am now an easier target. People can hurt me and it wont make a difference, because they know I will say sorry to them! Oh well!

Lonely Girl x

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