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5 Facts About Disney’s Zootopia You Need To Know!

Hey Guys,

I did this once before with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, quite a while ago now, where I told you 5 facts that you may not have known about the movie (you can check that out here). It went down quite well, so I thought let’s do it again, but this time, for the movie that has taken 2016 by storm, Zootopia.

1) Disney Pays Homage To Frozen

Over the last few years, Frozen has become the biggest hit for Disney Pixar, making it a franchise people love and adore, so it only makes sense that Disney would want to honor its success in any way possible, and Zootopia is no exception.

Two Elephants dressed as Anna and Elsa make a quick cameo that you could very easily miss if you are not paying full attention.

Oh and did you know that Kristen Bell, the actress who voices Anna, plays a Sloth in this movie, which incidentally was inspired by an interview Bell had on the Ellen Show. Ellen helps everyone!


2) Nick Wilde Was Originally The Protagonist

One of Zootopias directors, Byron Howard had the idea to have Nick as the protagonist rather than Judy, but changed it only a year before it was meant to be released. Apparently Judy’s personality made a better fit for her to become the main protagonist within the film rather than Nick.

If you take a close look at Nick throughout the movie, you will be able to see that he resembles Robin Hood, from the Disney classic, Robin Hood. Coincidence? I think not!


3) Mufasa Is Back… Sort Of

Mayor Lionheart, the brave and almighty lion who looks over the proceedings of Zootopia, was inspired by the much loved Mufasa from the Lion King. I think it is safe to say, we will always love Mufasa more though.


4) The Newscaster Changes

Did you know that dependent upon where you live in the world, the animal playing the newscaster will change? For example if you live in the US or Canada it will be a Moose, for the UK it is a Corgi, a Panda for China, a Koala for Australia, etc. Basically just the animals we automatically associate with these countries.


5) Fancy A Bit Of Breaking Bad?

In the scene featuring the ‘Night Howler’ in the lab, two rams deliver coffee to the lab. Their names are Walter and Jesse which is a reference to two of the leading characters from the hit show, Breaking Bad.


Have you seen Zootopia? If not, how come?

In fact, if you haven’t you can check out the review I wrote about the movie, right here!

Chloe Lauren x

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Zootopia Review | Movie Monday


Never have I ever seen a movie, let alone an animated movie, that was so reminiscent of the lives we all lead on a daily basis. These animals have basically managed to show us the realest piece of cinematography I have seen in a while, whilst at the same time battling some serious issues that still go one today, but in a way that even children can understand and comprehend. I am of course referring to how they use the idea of stereotyping, dependent on how each individual animal is. Take Nick for example, he is a fox, and because he is a fox, he is feared and seen in only one way, a criminal, who can’t escape the label, and because of this, has taken on this way of life as a result.

Oh and discrimination seems to find its way into this film also when Nick wants to buy something from a shop, it may have been for the wrong reasons, but before they knew why, they sent him away for not belonging there. This also happens to a few of the other characters, such as my moms favourite, Officer Clawhauser, who was just so sweet, and did not deserve the injustice he received!!!

Is this fair? No! Does this still happen today with us? Yes!

However, as well as the bad sides to life, you also have Judy Hopps, a small Rabbit, who aspires so much to be a police officer, but who’s family and other people she encounters along the way, does not believe in her enough to do it, due to her size and who she is and where she comes from. Thankfully, she manages to inspire the audience as she ignores what others say and still fights for what she wants. See, even the smallest of people can make it big and make a difference, so there is still hope for me yet.


The growing friendship between Judy and Nick is important as it knocks the previous barriers down, and shows that giving someone a chance, and believing in them can go a long way. I love this! Although Nick starts off very cocky and confident, you can tell that all he wants is someone to see him for who he is, rather than the species he is, and this is why their friendship just constantly works, even through all of the hardships they face.


As well as hitting these issues well on the head, we also have the comedy aspect that Disney obviously couldn’t forget about, and in this film, it was mainly the scenes involving the Sloths that will have you laughing, especially that of Flash. Obviously the perfect name for a Sloth right? No better fit!


You will quickly fall in love with this movie, its main characters, and the friendships that come with it, as well as having to think, especially after it is over, about how some people are still treated today. Well done Disney for spreading such a great message to your viewers.

Chloe Lauren x

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I Think I’ve Seen This Before!

Hey Guys,

A few weeks ago I did a post about the cliches you find in Romantic movies, and I had a great reaction from it, so I thought I would do a few more, as part of a series, so here are some cliches you find in Animated movies.

This one if for the child in you, that wants to hold on to these fairy tales, and you know what? I will for as long as I possibly can, and I hope you do too!

Talking Animals Make The Greatest Friends:

Where would you be without a noble Steed like Donkey, and a master of deception like Puss in Boots? No where! Animals are great, but talking animals, now they make the coolest friend’s and allies ever, and are probably more helpful than the humans.

Not Knowing Their Parents:

For some reason a lot of animated movies, especially those by Disney have a tendency to have the main character only have one parent or none at all. I really don’t understand. It is so sad! I imagine it’s about character development and growth, but still, give them a chance.

The Villain You Can Tell A Mile Off But Yet Our Lead Characters Somehow Doesn’t Always Notice:

This one just gets me every single time. Our protagonists are too trusting, especially Anna when she fell for the guy who was just using her for her kingdom. Come on girl! What do you expect? She thought she was in love just after one song.


Singing At Every Opportunity:

When things are going really well or even really wrong, you will be sure to hear a song that will show this to the audience, even if it may seem like an inappropriate time. If it were real life, and you sang out of nowhere, people would look at you like you were a weirdo, so let’s just save it for there characters that feel it to be ok.


The Person Who Just Wants To Be Free:

This is probably the most used cliche and so it should be. I wouldn’t want to feel stuck anywhere I didn’t want to be. I say if you want to get, you go for it! Most of the characters you see in these movies have something, or someone that stands in their way, and for Ariel, it is the fact that she is underwater when she wants to be ‘Part Of Your World’.


Are There Any I Missed Out? Tell Me In The Comments!

Chloe Lauren x