Start the conversation – Overcoming the Silent Killer

Last night I was going through my Twitter feed when I came across a story about a young Biritsh reality TV star who had unfortunately passed away at the age of only 26.

Although I had never been a fan of the work he had done previously with the show he found fame on, I was absolutely devastated by this news.

26 is no age to die. No matter who you are.

The more I read on, the more I felt I truly understood his story.

He had been suffering inwardly from what seems to be a very silent yet prominent killer in this day and age…Depression.

He had been given a persona from the show, something he had to take on board, live with, and act as though was who he really was on a daily basis. It wasn’t until the news of his death, that you heard about who he truly was on the inside.

Perception isn’t always truth and Reality TV isn’t the reality we are in. It’s made and altered to fit what it’s aiming to be and for the audience it wishes to keep.

And just for the record, this is not the only account of this we have seen in the news, and unfortunately it will probably not be the last either. In fact, under a year ago, there was another case with a very similar issue, and from the exact same show.

What does this say for the way we treat others? These people were treated like their characters not for the people they are outside this life.

How can this be? How can we allow this to continue to happen?

It doesn’t matter if you are in the public eye or not. Something desperately needs to change!

One major issue – these people feel as though they are silenced. They fear speaking out in case of backlash or people just not getting it.

Trust me, I have been there. Opening up was the one of the hardest things I thought I would or could ever do, to the point that the only way I found I could do so was through writing…hence this blog.

Mental Illness continues to take lives.

I’m ready for things to change. Are you?

If you are struggling or if you know someone who is, please, I ask you now, don’t hide away. Talk to someone. There are people who really can and want to help.

Don’t suffer in silence. Start the conversation!

Chloe Lauren x

Mental Health Effects Everyone!

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Hey Guys,

Did you know that Mental Health issues are something which effect every single one of us?

Even you, yes you there, reading this!

You may be thinking: ‘How does this effect me? I don’t have anxiety, depression, or well anything else along those lines, so where do I fit into this?”

Well I have the answer for you. Everyone, in some form or another, will face some sort of Mental Health issue at some point in their life, whether personally or being around someone you know who has, maybe that of a family member or perhaps just someone at work or school.

Some people, when hearing about someone who may be dealing with a Mental Health issue, will possibly begin to avoid that person, or fully exclude them, due to thinking of it as a really negative term, or thinking it is best to just give them space.


If a person were suffering from something like anxiety or depression, this isn’t the way in which people should go about helping. They deserve patience, support, and not being treated as though they are ‘different’.

They are not different.

I am not different.

I myself have suffered with anxiety for quite some time now. It has effected me a lot more than I ever thought it would, and has even caused me to break down on many occasions, and go into complete panic mode. I know first hand what it is like to feel as though you are not like everyone else. Feeling this way really angers me inside, which I really hate.

I am just a girl. Sure, I don’t wear makeup like other girls, and I am not in a relationship, it makes me different, but in a way that I am comfortable. However, excluding someone who needs your time, is not comfortable for them, nor is it ok.

Just because you feel different to someone, doesn’t make you different.

Now, I know that someone dealing with something like anxiety can really be a handful for people, and really effect those who are trying to help. I understand that. Trust me I do. I always feel terrible for bringing people into it, thinking they need to help me through my problems. They want to help, and I know it’s not easy, but it’s not easy for us either.

There have been many times, where I have been angry at myself, because I made it so difficult for others, not intentionally, but I did.

You can help, just don’t push the person too much. It really doesn’t help. In fact, it pushes them further away.

Mental Health isn’t just a term! It is something we are all dealing with!

Sorry about this little (BIG) rant. It’s just been on my mind for a while now.

Lonely Girl x