5 People you definitely know in Lockdown!

So we’re coming towards the end of May and we’ve been in Lockdown now for what feels like a year or more, although in reality it’s only being 2 months. I know. It shocked me too.

Time is flying by. It’s passing at quite a rate.

For some this time might be considered a wake up call. For others it’s changed their way of life and what they would consider their version of normality, if that truly exists at all.

Now I’m not the most observant person in the world. My friends have come to me in the past with all new haircuts, body jewellery or been in new relationships right in front of my eyes and I’ve been completely oblivious to them all.

Yet even I have noticed the changes in people I know and even in myself since Lockdown began.

Here are my top 5

Since all this began how many of your friends and family have jumped onto a Social Media platform due to desperate need for something to do, even if just to pass a small amount of time?

We all know someone who has recently upped their game on Instagram (#ME) or started a TikTok account just to entertain themselves but maybe ended up making content which went viral for no reason.

Don’t worry. I appreciate the grind my friends. You’re making lockdown FUN for people.

Talking of, I finally joined Facebook. I’d always gone back and forth about the idea but as a Marketer I can’t deny the value it holds and with some changes on the horizon for me and my family, it seemed necessary.

You can follow my page here – Life as Chloe Lauren.

Unfortunately staying in, although beneficial, has lead to a lot more packets of biscuits and tubs of ice cream to be opened and downed.

Before all this I was a calorie counting nut. In a way I still am but, I’ve definitely eased off on my own rules. Why not?

It’s not the easiest time to deal with and being bored has lead to some extra moments of eating. I’m both proud and ashamed. No judgement please.

Moving on from the random snacking, did you know people are also now branching out to cook/bake more of their own food? I know. I was shocked also.

It’s been a tough time for many without McDonalds and Wetherspoons being open. I don’t know how some coped. Somehow we are all getting through it through and we will be stronger for it (SARCASM DETECTED!).

At the beginning of lockdown it was toilet paper everyone was fighting over, but once that had calmed down, we noticed a new obsession had kicked in to play…baking.

This became obvious when suddenly flour was almost scarce in every shop, even the smaller corner shops. My mother, who was an avid baker before all of this occured was both livid and confused by this change in events.

After the wine had settled, she’s was ok. Just kidding. Sorry, mom!

All food talk aside, just for a second because there is a sharing bag of maltesers eyeing me up right now, but something I have been pushing a lot more than I already did is exercise

I’d have to say I definitely fall into this category and happily so.

At the start of lockdown we were obviously only entitled to an hours outdoor exercise. I made sure to walk everyday for a minimum of 40 minutes and when home I’d dance in my room or just move about as much as possible to rack up the steps on my pedometer app.

I possibly need to ease up a little though. I’ve found myself critiquing myself, if I don’t do enough in the day or if I eat too many biscuits and I need to compensate for those calories.

I feel like i’m one starjump away from becoming a Drill Sergeant.

Finally, we have those who can’t help but pass through their favourite film franchise or with the discovery of a new TV series which sparks their interest.

I guarantee at least 90% of the people reading this right now have an account with either Netflix, Amazon Prime or the latest release, Disney+. It’s even likely you have all 3 just like I do. If so, welcome to the couch potato crew.

However if you don’t, please let me know so I can properly apologise for assuming. But if you do, you know what I’m talking about.

During this time I did something I NEVER thought I’d do. I started watching Glee.

I’d always put it off, thinking it would be terrible but thought I have time on my hands so let’s just give it a go and see. I’ve just started on season 3 today. It’s been a bumpy ride when it comes to my real thoughts towards it, but what I know for sure, I love Brittany. The girls a legend.

What are my fellow ‘Boxset Binge-watchers’ watching at the moment? I’d love to know!

Anyway, there you have it. The 5 types of people we definitely all know during this time. Have I missed any? Do you agree with my list? Let me know in the comments.

In the meantime…

Let the virtual insanity continue,

Chloe Lauren

The Night Of Redemption | Short Story

Hey Guys,

I wrote a short story for you today, hopefully you will like it. It took me a while, because I have never been in this situation myself, but I know people that have or have known people who have. I am trying to show that any mistake you make does not define you and any problem you are facing, you can come back from, better, and much stronger, with people who care to help you through. You are never alone.

We lay there, unable to move, as we stay in our own little world, still captivated by the night that had just left us. What a night it must have been I think to myself, as I tilt my head to look at what surrounds us. Empty bottles cover the ground and distorted memories hold us close in an icy embrace that cuts through me like a knife, just like brain freeze, but much worse.

I close my eyes and imagine my life when I was still with you, you still have that innocent gleam in your eyes as you stared passionately into the sky. It is as though you saw something I would never be able to. So forgiving. So at peace. How I ever managed to be so reckless, and bring you into this life, I will never know. I just can’t tear myself away, but you still managed to believe in me like nobody else can, not even me.

Yet where are you now? Every word you spoke to me was like a song to my ears, and now my heart is crying, because our perfect harmony is over. You were the angel I swapped, without a care, for the devil. Alcohol!

I stretch out, my body moving frantically, and tears flooding out from my eyes, leaving only a stain, but I quickly feel the gentle brush of a hand reaching softly for mine, hoping to calm me. With a nervous flinch, I edge away, but soon give in and let you take it, although I worry that even with one touch you will know the person I truly am, and will be scared by what I could do, but there is that same innocence in your eyes, a look IĀ  keep locked away safe within this anxious vault I call a mind. A look that loved me before. I never thought I would see something like it again. Now the look that will save me, from well, me. I have a chance to begin again, and it’s all thanks to you.

Chloe Lauren x

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I Wish You Could See | Poem

Hey Guys,

I picked up another one of those reading well books today, this time one about body image, because that is something I struggle with. One of the first activities says to describe your body image issues using a creative method of your choice, so I chose something I obviously enjoy, poetry.

I got the inspiration for this particular poem from how people continuously tell me that I look pretty, but I never seem to believe them, no matter how much they try to convince me that I do. I wish I could see it too, as I am aware other people in my shoes wish they could also.

I see you,A girl who strives for beauty,But only manages to notices the imperfections, Not realising, That is the beauty you so desire.

Although I do have problems with the way I look, I do love my eyes, because they are green, which is a rare occurrence according to the percentage of people who have that colour eyes. Not only do I love them, but other people do also, which I appreciate.

What is your favourite feature of yours?

Chloe Lauren x

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My Life Is Like A Poem

Hey Guys,

There are moments when we all have doubts when it comes to our own lives, but what we need to remember, is we are in charge of how each of our own lives works and runs, and no one else. No one should have the power to control you or tell you what is right for you. They can help, but not take over, because in the end, it is all down to you!

Trapped in this box,No one to hear me yell out,My fears and thoughts seeping through,The old me lost, Filled with doubt.Trapped in this box,No one to understand,My life and youth draining away,

You may not believe it yet, but you can and will win. Just believe in yourself. It is there, the strength you are looking for, is there.

Chloe Lauren x

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