How Things Have Changed | Poem

Hey Guys,

Recently all I have been seeing everywhere is hatred. Hatred amongst different races. Hatred toward religions. Even hatred against the people we are supposed to love and support.

What happened?

How did this happen?

Why is this happening?

We all need to look at ourselves and ask these questions. We need to fight against it. Hatred doesn’t get you anywhere and doesn’t belong in this world.

We should be lifting each other up, encouraging one another, and being a support system.

Remember the days when you were really young? No one was your enemy. We would look at everyone as friends, regardless of who they were. We all need that child like innocence again.

Sometimes I may begin to stray,But I never forget about you, I could never leave you, You are constantly in my mind, In my heart you will always stay,I remember you and your ways,There i

If you see or hear something which doesn’t seem quite right, and I mean anything, stand up and fight it. We can all be a beacon of light for someone and be the good we wish to see in this world.

Stay awesome and see you all soon.

Chloe Lauren x

The Awoken | Short Story

My Summer Reads

It was midnight when I woke, from what seemed like the roughest night I had had in a long time.
When I opened my eyes I knew exactly why.
I was laying on the ground outside, my body in the worst position possible.
However it was that I ended up being here, I wasn’t sure, but wherever here was, I could not yet tell. It seemed to be a forest of some kind, definitely not somewhere I had seen or been, at least not from my own recollection.

Only a thick blanket of darkness surrounded me, but yet I could still see everything as clear as day, as if the world were in high definition, waiting for me to see the backlash from the hours before.
My eyes had quickly become attuned to the night sky around me, like a predator would be when hunting down their prey.
My depth and field of view still perfect and fully in action. In that moment I could have sworn I could see further away than normal. Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me, but somehow I knew it was real, and nothing from this moment was going to be normal.
Looking down, all I saw was blood pouring from every area from cuts, and bruises marked out like tattoos across the entirety of my body. I tried to move to make myself more comfortable, but that just made it worse.

I winced at the unbearable pain that felt like a surge of electricity moving throughout every inch of me, from my fingers to the tips of my toes. I think it was enough to have driven me crazy, so to save myself from a second attack, I remained still, although it was difficult to do so, when my body was naturally shaking into movement from the knife like air around me, digging deep into my skin.
I couldn’t see it of course, but I could tell from my movements, and what I was feeling, that my face was probably in the same state.

All I could wonder was how long I had been here like this, and why?

What do you think? Should I continue with this story? I feel it is the beginning of a great mystery/Fairy tale like story, but that is just my opinion. I imagine it is just me that thinks that now that I have said it. Oh well!

Chloe Lauren x

Life Can Be Confusing Sometimes! | Poem

While we wait for August, let’s make it through July. Actually, IĀ  wanted to take this time to just think about this year so far. We have been through 6 months of 2016 already, although it doesn’t feel like that long at all.

To me it could easily still be February or March. It seems we are hurtling towards 2017 at about 100mph, and that is extremely terrifying, because it makes you think that our futures are soon to be the present. I am 18 now, but what will I be doing in another 5 or 10 years, or even next year for that instance.

Trapped in this box,No one to hear me yell out,My fears and thoughts seeping through,The old me lost, Filled with doubt.Trapped in this box,No one to understand,My life and youth draining away,(1)

Do you have a plan or any goals for that far ahead in time? I don’t. I probably should, but it didn’t occur to me that I should until recently. I just don’t want to be in my 20s and still wondering what I want to be doing with my life, or living with my parents for that matter. I want to live and do things my way, without being unsure of what I actually want from life. Do you know what I mean? I hope you do.

Chloe Lauren x

This Is Just The Beginning!

Today we had the result for the Referendum, and for those who didn’t know, Leave won.

All day, all I have seen are people who voted remain to be enraged by the result, most of which are people who didn’t vote. A lot of them are blaming the older generation for this, although, they were doing what they thought was right for their Country, plus they have seen the UK, both in and out of the EU. They have experienced what it was like before we joined, so please don’t be quick to judge them.

At a time like this, people do what they think is right, and that is all you can ask of that person. Maybe their opinion doesn’t match yours, maybe even mine doesn’t, but that doesn’t matter. What’s done is done. Not everyone will agree with leave, but it’s what 17 million others chose. All you can do is make this decision a good one, by making the most of it. Any decision is better than no decision, as my mom always says.

Life is made of ups and downs,Decisions both right and wrong,Choices are made, Mistakes are inevitable, Never give up hope, Never jump ship,Ride out the storm,And lead the way,Because what we have is down to you.

You may not agree, but just know, this isn’t the end of the UK. If anything, this will prove just how united and strong we are as a country, and how well we will pull together as a nation.

Think of it as a book, and this is just a new chapter. Don’t sit back and close it, read on, and see what comes next. The future, more importantly, your future, counts on it.

Chloe Lauren x