Why it’s really OK to take time for yourself! | Updated 2019

Hey Guys,

Do you ever find yourselves going through each day, feeling as though the entire world is literally on top of your shoulders?

It’s pushing you down further and further? And no matter what you have on your plate already, you somehow end up adding on more than you know you can handle.

That’s when the moment hits you. You’re at a point where you seem to have completely burned out?


Maybe the above is a slight exaggeration, but hopefully you all understand the point I am trying to make. Or should I say stress to you?

Whether you work full time, are currently going through your school years, or even nearing retirement, it can feel as though life is really getting the best of you at times. Am I right?

For some this may appear to be the norm and something you think you are able to handle, and to that I say, that is truly wonderful to hear, but for others, it can cause a flurry of emotions and confusion to take over and find a home within our minds.

These usually takes the form of stress, anxiety and worry for whatever is to come. I’d like to say it’s only an occassional occurance but that may not always be the case either.

That is not to say that they can’t be tamed.

The point is, no matter how you take and accept these issues, it’s important to remember that it is ok to take time out for yourself to gain your own peace of mind, however it is you do that.

For me I read a book or write what is going through my mind on my blog. It calms my mind and keeps me in high spirits when I need to get away from what is going on around me.

Ask yourself…what could you do right now to take yourself away from things and put yourself at ease?

‘You must make time daily to care for your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.’

Lailah Gifty Akita

Just as the quote highlights above, it’s more than important to allow yourself time out of your day, and out of your schedule to sit back, relax and just be.

Let yourself have that time. It’s not too much to ask.

Even if only ends up being only 5 minutes here and there to get your mind in order and take a quick breather, that’s completely OK!

Personally, this was something I struggled with for quite some time, but from my own experience of this, and how it made me feel deep down inside, I have taken a real stance for myself and to regain control for my own sanity.

With my full time job, the volunteer work I do on the side, my Social Media/Blog management, as well as taking on those extra little favours for friends, I found I really needed to cut back somewhere. Not forever, but just as long as I needed in order to find a more suitable balance to suit.

Letting go to begin with did prove very difficult, especially as what I had been doing previously was what I was used too, but the more I would do so, the easier it became and the happier I am feeling now as a result.

For the first time in what seems like forever, there is a real sense of freedom. It’s truly amazing. I feel unstoppable.

Never be afraid to cut back. Your Mental Health is one of the most important things in your life. Don’t compromise for anything or anyone.

Take time for you. It’s always ok!

What do you say?

Christmas Is Almost Here!

Hey Guys,

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas Eve today, whether you’ve braved the shops for last minute shopping or had gifts left to wrap up and drop off to loved ones ready for the big day to begin.

Talking of which… I am currently sat on a sofa in my living room, presents already placed under the tree and with the Muppets Christmas Carol playing on the TV. Absolute bliss indeed!

If I am honest, I am seriously excited, as I imagine a lot of you are too.

However, one thing I feel I must say, is whilst we are enjoying ourselves tomorrow, to spare a thought for those who have nothing this festive season. It’s horrible to see the number of homeless or those in poverty rise year by year. I just hope they have a hot meal and shelter from the cold. After all it is in the spirit of the season!

But apart from that, I just want to say to you all to have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Have fun and stay safe.

See you soon.

Chloe Lauren

What’s Your Christmas Tradition?

Hey Guys,

Hope you’re all doing great this evening.

With little over a week to go before the big day, and with all the preparations we have been doing to get ready over the last couple of weeks, it had me thinking about the traditions we all have at this time of year. Sometimes you make traditions and don’t even realise it.

One thing I tend to do every year which for me has become the epitome of tradition is every Christmas Eve, at about 7/8pm I will collect all the wrapped gifts from upstairs and then place them around the tree whilst watching Shrek the Third.

Now that may sound a little odd and I am not entirely sure where Shrek came into this either, but somehow it has become something I have to do year after year. One thing is for sure , it makes me happy to do so and in a way it’s like a hint that Christmas Day is just hours away.

However, this year I have a plan. I am going to switch up the movie. I mean just because something is tradition doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to alternate what it is you are doing. I’m thinking of going for Muppets Christmas Carol this year. At least it’s a little more on topic.

Anyway, what are you traditions? Maybe even crazy traditions like mine?

See you soon,

Chloe Lauren

A Day At The Theater!

Hey Guys,

One very big Christmas tradition which I had never given a try up until this year was to watch the popular ‘The Nutcracker’ ballet at the theater and if I’m honest, despite my initial reaction to the idea, I was most definitely surprised.

Image result for the nutcracker birmingham 2018

A few weeks back, to celebrate a friends birthday and ring in the start of the festive season, a group of us took a day out in Birmingham.

On initial meeting in what I consider the ‘big city’, we had a quick scan around the shops in the area before looking for a place to grab a quick bite. To please everyone and to deal with time constraints, this ended up being at Caffe Nero, where I had a grilled meatball and mozzarella cheese sandwich. It was basically just a posh meatball sub.

After lunch, we rushed across the city to the Birmingham Hippodrome, ready to catch the show. We made it with about 10 minutes to spare, enough time to get in, grab our seats and relax.

The opening scenes were quite difficult to get into which made me feel as though Ballet maybe wasn’t for me but as soon as it really got into it, it was truly magical. I could even say seriously mesmerising.

I loved how the visuals matched the thought process of the main character, Clara, highlighting her dreams, specifically how they portrayed the change in seasons. The most memorable was using both the set and dancers to depict a snow storm. It was amazing to see.

I might just have to add this as a new tradition for my family.

Have you seen the Nutcracker before? Whats did you think?

Chloe Lauren