How We Write Blog Posts


The other day I wrote a post about types of people who read Blog Posts, but now I thought, what about how we actually write these posts in the first place? I’m sure most people will be able to relate to at least one of these, because come on, we all have been one of these people at some point.

The Funny Bunny:

Firstly, I am not sure why I called you a bunny, but it rhymes so let’s go with it.

You are the type of writer who just knows how to capture a really funny moment in your writing, even if others don’t understand it, you still think your humor is one in a million, and it probably is. You are a cool person. Trust me.


The Captains Hook:

You are the person who, with that first sentence, or maybe even with just the title can hook people in, as if they were a fish swimming in a sea of blog posts, they chose yours. You actually caught one, and have their full attention at all times. You my friend, are a legend, and deserve a medal, in fact your arm back, rather than that hook (I’m the Funny Bunny clearly)


The Curtains Closed:

You are just like Captain Hook, but not really, because rather than your opener being on point, it’s your closing statement or line. The way you keep your readers wanting to know more, or feeling as though their time was well spent reading your post, is what others will  be truly envious of. You’re awesome!!!


The All In It:

You really are serious about this aren’t you? In fact, you are so serious about what you write, that even we, the readers can feel just how much blood, sweat and tears you put into each post. Gees you work hard, and I really appreciate that, because I do it as well. You definitely give everyone all of the FEELS!!!


Which Are You? Have I Missed Any?

How We Read Blog Posts


We all read blog posts right? I mean, you are all here reading this one so I guess the answer would probably be a yes. If not, I am not sure what you would describe what you are doing right now.

As readers we all have our own indiviual way in which we look at the posts people write, maybe we even fit into more than one category, but we are definitely all of these people at some point.

The Scanner:

This is the person who sees a post, clicks on it and within seconds are done with the post completely. You wonder how, but you then realise that it is because they look for particular details that interest them, have relevance to them, or just perhaps are too tired and just want to finish as soon as possible. I hate to admit it, but this has been me a few times, not intentionally, but because it was extremely late. Sorry. Sometimes you just can’t help it.


The Examiner:

This person is probably the complete opposite of the scanner, as they will spend as much time as possible in order to fully take in what is being said and will then give them enough time to figure out a response to write in the comments. These people always have the most in depth and meaningful comments. Don’t you think? The only thing is, these are the people I fear the most, just in case they find many things wrong with what I write. I love them but they are scary.


The That’s So Relatable:

They read what you say and just get it, and understand the message entirely, because they have been through something similar. Even when you think you are alone when it comes to a certain feeling or opinion that you may have, there is always that one person who just has your back and is like ‘I got you’.


The I’m Going To Like Before I Have Read It:

I know this one is me quite often. There are certain people that I have come to know and have just amazing and completely AWESOME posts, to the point that I just press the like button and then read because I know I am going to just LOVE it!!!

shawn smiling

Which of these do you think you are? Are there any others that I missed?