Life Can Be Confusing Sometimes! | Poem

While we wait for August, let’s make it through July. Actually, IĀ  wanted to take this time to just think about this year so far. We have been through 6 months of 2016 already, although it doesn’t feel like that long at all.

To me it could easily still be February or March. It seems we are hurtling towards 2017 at about 100mph, and that is extremely terrifying, because it makes you think that our futures are soon to be the present. I am 18 now, but what will I be doing in another 5 or 10 years, or even next year for that instance.

Trapped in this box,No one to hear me yell out,My fears and thoughts seeping through,The old me lost, Filled with doubt.Trapped in this box,No one to understand,My life and youth draining away,(1)

Do you have a plan or any goals for that far ahead in time? I don’t. I probably should, but it didn’t occur to me that I should until recently. I just don’t want to be in my 20s and still wondering what I want to be doing with my life, or living with my parents for that matter. I want to live and do things my way, without being unsure of what I actually want from life. Do you know what I mean? I hope you do.

Chloe Lauren x

A Big Place! An Even Bigger Challenge!


Hey Guys,

The other day me and my mom took a trip to Birmingham, because I was desperate to see what the library was like there. You know, because I am a huge book nerd, and I had heard nothing but great things about it. However, as someone with anxiety, just the idea of going was frightening. I forced myself to go, and it ended up being a great day.

When we got there, we had no idea where we were going, as we hadn’t been there in years. For me, that was when I was still in a pushchair, so how was I supposed to remember what it was like? Easy, I wasn’t! Thankfully though, we met someone who pointed us in the right direction, but even that was only vague, so we had to ask others also. It was unbelievable just how helpful people were being to us. They had no problem with giving us a hand in finding our way around this city I had barely seen before.

You should have seen my face the moment I saw the building, I was in awe, and quickly taken back by the architecture. I am not usually a fan of modern buildings, but this was breathtaking, especially in person. I can honestly say, this is the biggest library I have had the pleasure of seeing. It has about 9 levels to it, with each level dedicated to different things that are going on, including a gallery on the 3rd, which at the moment is featuring everything Shakespeare. A bit further up, you have two terraces, one the Discovery Terrace, and the other, The Secret Garden, both of which offer a different viewing experience.

2016-05-17 15.13.59

The inside was HUGE, which I should have seen coming really, with what I just said was included in the building. We literally went from one escalator to another, just traveling up, and up, and up, just like Willy Wonka does with Charlie and his Grandad in the Glass Elevator. What I am trying to say is, it was magical in a way.

The next three pictures are taken from The Secret Garden, which is on the 7th floor of the building. It was a perfect place to sit down, and look out at the views of the area around us. This wasn’t even the top, and what you could see was far across the city, probably even beyond. It would have been more awesome if I had brought my copy of the book The Secret Garden.

IMG_20160517_121145IMG_20160517_1528262016-05-17 15.16.34

When we left the library, we went for a walk around the area, looking for a place to have lunch. We could have gone in the library cafe, but we weren’t sure if they did Gluten Free, meaning we had to look elsewhere.

Our walk took us past other buildings, all of which must have had significance, especially the one in the second picture below, which if I remember rightly was a sort of War Memorial.

2016-05-17 15.13.222016-05-17 15.14.382016-05-17 15.16.59

I noticed a sign for one of the museums in the area, and told my mom to look there, because I thought they were bound to have a cafe inside. I was right, but there wasn’t just one, but two cafes inside. We ended up going into the bigger of the two, not knowing where the other one was, had our usual tea, as well as our lunch, which was a bit more than I could chew (pun intended).

2016-05-17 15.13.42

By about 3pm, we were ready to make our way home, which wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. It took us a while to figure out where it was we were supposed to get back onto the tram we came on. You would think we would know! Once again, the people around were helpful, but could have been quicker to tell us, because we were standing around for what felt like forever.

I was just nervous to travel there, worried I would get in a panic, either on the way or on arrival, but I was fine. Sort of! I did it though, and that is all that matters. Another couple of times with my mom by my side, and I think I might be able to make it there on my own. Now that would be a challenge for me.

Where Have You Been That You Didn’t Expect To Be As Great As It Was?

Chloe Lauren x

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I Wish You Could See | Poem

Hey Guys,

I picked up another one of those reading well books today, this time one about body image, because that is something I struggle with. One of the first activities says to describe your body image issues using a creative method of your choice, so I chose something I obviously enjoy, poetry.

I got the inspiration for this particular poem from how people continuously tell me that I look pretty, but I never seem to believe them, no matter how much they try to convince me that I do. I wish I could see it too, as I am aware other people in my shoes wish they could also.

I see you,A girl who strives for beauty,But only manages to notices the imperfections, Not realising, That is the beauty you so desire.

Although I do have problems with the way I look, I do love my eyes, because they are green, which is a rare occurrence according to the percentage of people who have that colour eyes. Not only do I love them, but other people do also, which I appreciate.

What is your favourite feature of yours?

Chloe Lauren x

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Mental Health Awareness Infographic

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Hey Guys,

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, I thought I would let you know some of the facts regarding just how many people can be effected by a Mental Health issue at any one time.

It is important to remember that although a person may have one of these issues, it does not make them any different, or someone to be afraid of, but rather to be understood and treated just like anyone else. As someone who has suffered with anxiety, that is definitely something that I would want from just about anybody I come into contact with, as well as what I want for others also.

However, there still seems to be such a bad stigma revolving around this, but I really don’t know why! I hope in the next few years we can tackle these issues head on, and finally begin to help those who need it, rather than judging them before properly knowing them.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the Infographic I made for this occasion:


Before doing this, I really had no idea that some of these numbers would be as high as they are, but it really goes to show that when I say how alone I feel, that I am not really, because there are others like me, who are in the same shoes.

Be a friend and be there for someone who needs it. You have no idea how much of a difference it truly makes.

If you want to check out my other posts on Mental Health, you can look right here, where I go further in depth on this subject.

Chloe Lauren x

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