How Reading Can Make You A Better Blogger

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Hey Guys,

I was recently thinking about the importance of reading and the impact it can have on our every day lives, and then that lead me to think about blogging and how reading can make us and our blogs that much better.

When I say reading, I don’t just mean full length, 400 page books, although they are a huge help and something I love very much. What I actually mean by that is, absolutely anything you do want to read, from reading a newspaper, magazine article, or even a blog post, like you are doing now. As long as their are words on a page and you are following it through, you are reading, and thankfully there are many benefits.

So, why is it so important for us bloggers to read? And more importantly, how?



Gain New Experiences And Relate To Situations

When writing or researching for a post, it can be useful to understand what you are writing about and helps you to put yourself in someones else’s shoes, giving you more knowledge on a chosen subject. This way, you could also be finding a solution to a problem you never knew you needed.

Can Give You Inspiration

Sometimes it can be difficult coming up with an idea for a blog post, even when you know you really need to write one, and if you do have an idea, it’s not always easy finding the right way to execute the post you want it to.

Makes Your Written Communication So Much Better

Reading can be excellent for helping a blogger improve the way a post is written and portrayed to an audience, especially in terms of the grammar and spelling and the way it is formatted.

If this isn’t done properly, it can put someone reading your blog, off the post within seconds, so it is imperative to get it right from the get go.

Reduces Stress

One of the most important things reading can do for you is, not just as a blogger, but in general, can reduce your stress and let’s be honest, we will all face some form of stress at some point or another. Basically what I am saying is, the more you read, the more you will have a chance to get rid of whatever is on your mind. Even just reading for just 5 minutes at a time could really improve the way you are feeling.

There you have it. A few small and encouraging reasons to get reading, in order to improve your blog and to become a much better blogger.

So grab that cup of tea, relax next to the fire, and get reading. Your blog will definitely thank you for it.

Chloe Lauren x

My First Month As A Digital Marketing Apprentice!

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Hey Guys,

As of yesterday, I have officially made it through my first month as a Digital Marketing Apprentice.

It’s crazy to think about. I’m just sitting here, wondering where the time has gone? It feels like just yesterday I was telling you all about getting the interview and being told I had the job.

In a matter of weeks my life has turned a full 360 degrees, from what felt like endless months of dead ends to landing the job I had been hoping for, in a company where I am able to grow and progress.

So, in honor of this, and because I know some people were interested in finding out, I decided it would be a great idea to share with you how this first month went and what I have been doing in my apprenticeship up to yet.


The First Day:

I remember the first day, and all of the preparation I did for it, searching across the internet for hours for tips and how other peoples first days went on the same apprenticeship. I even took to Twitter, and messaging people who were currently on apprenticeships for support and reassurance (Thanks for the positivity and thoughts by the way, you all really helped). I felt I really needed it.

However, it turned out I had been overthinking it all too much. I really shouldn’t have worried as much as I did. Everyone was so nice and understanding towards me when it came to any questions I had, and thankfully the marketing team, although only small, are so amazing and extremely helpful, especially the Marketing Executive at our office who I work with the most at the office.

In terms of actual work, my first day mainly consisted of initial training, checking over what project I would mainly be working on, as well as providing some content suggestions. It was absolutely great. I couldn’t stop smiling when I got home, I actually felt as though I had achieved something in only one day.

Awesome Things About The Apprenticeship So Far:

  • I have picked up so many valuable skills already
  • Have faced my fear of answering the phone head on
  • Faced my fear of going being in a city on my own
  • Get to write blog posts for other people and have some scheduled for upload soon
  • Been to several meetings, both in person and to our team in India using Skype
  • Had some of my content ideas used on websites
  • Worked on Social Media, including platforms I have never used before
  • Using Hootsuite to schedule Tweets and Facebook posts
  • Looked into Promotional Ads for Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin

Going To The Apprenticeship Company For the First Time:

The Apprenticeship itself is the Level 3 Digital Marketer, which I am going to be doing through 3aaas, and unlike some Apprenticeship companies where you attend once a week, I will only have to be there once or twice a month.

I was invited to go down to the office the other day for my official enrollment onto the course.

The evening before was quite the nightmare for me, because the idea of going to a big city and being there on my own was terrifying to me, but thanks to support from my parents I was able to get through it.

Again, it wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be.

Whilst there I ended up getting some more information about what I would be doing as well as having to sing a LOT of paperwork and complete a few initial assessments to check where I am right now with my Maths, English and IT, and what might need working on, which thankfully isn’t much. It was very beneficial and even though the assessments dragged a little, I was just glad I pushed myself to go regardless of how I felt.

I’m looking forward to going there again soon!

Anyway, the last few weeks have been absolutely amazing and although there have been a few bad moments where I have felt like I let myself down and made some silly errors, I had to remain positive and keep my head held high, keep going, because hey, we all make mistakes and I am there to learn not to just automatically know it all!

Overall, it has been a great experience so far, the best part being, I am doing what I love, content writing and working with blogs/websites. I am excited to see what is next!

Chloe Lauren x

Discovering New Blogs | Liebster Awards

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Today I am doing the Liebster Award. Thank you Geneva for nominating me for this award. If you haven’t already, check out her blog. She is awesome!

I love doing these sort of posts, although I always get stuck with the answers, but that’s natural.

Wait, that’s not just me is it?

Ummm… Let’s just get to it:


Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.

Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.

Nominate 11 blogs

Give them 11 questions to answer

What is your favourite thing to cook? And do you have a signature dish?

I will be honest, I don’t really cook. It doesn’t interest me, but my mom on the other hand is a huge foodie. In fact, she can cook and bake just about anything. I personally, can just about do Cheese on Toast with spaghetti hoops on top. It sounds disgusting but it is absolutely amazing and my absolute favourite food. I’m weird, I know!

Tell me a travel story about a place that you have been to that has stuck in your memory for whatever reason. (Near death experience? Good Deed? Got Lost? Holiday Romance? – I can’t wait to hear your stories)

About three years ago now, I went on a school trip to Austria for a week, making it the second time I had been. We did just about everything we could in order to get a grasp of Austrian culture, but one thing I wasn’t expecting to do, was climb a mountain and then have to abseil back down it.

Now, I am totally, 100% afraid of heights, so this was absolutely terrifying, especially when it turned out that the rope that was there to help us get down, was partly broken off at the ends. This meant we all had to drop back for the last little bit.

Don’t worry, I survived, but I will not do it again!

Do I get my Oscar now?

If you could live life in another time, when would it be and why?

I love history so there are many eras and times I would have loved to live in, but I am going to be boring and just say the 80s. I just think I was born in the wrong decade, plus I have always thought that the music from the 80s were some of the best, so it would have been amazing to have been there to witness some of the musical geniuses in their prime.

If you could look back on your life and choose a moment in your life that helped mold you as a person, what would it be and why?

I would have to say the times when I was bullied. For a long time I let people get to me and take control of my life. I thought it was the worst thing that had happened to me, but now I look back, I think it has made me stronger and the person I am now. Without it, I don’t think I would know what I do now, or be able to empathise with others as much. I am a better person because I came out the other side and beat it.

If you were to describe your life as a movie title what would it be?

My movie title would be just three words: Never Turn Back.

To me, those words just about sum up and symbolise how far I have come since what happened in my past, and that I can keep going on because I am never returning there. It is just a reminder for me more than anything.

If you could only bring 5 items in your makeup bag with you, what would they be? (Or man bag if you’re a guy 😉)

Maybe this is a good time to say, I don’t wear makeup so I don’t really know what to say here. I have worn eyeliner before but that’s only because my friend made me. Apart from that, never!

Is there a place on the planet – like a marvel or an anomaly of nature, a wonder of the world – that you would like to visit?

I would love to see the remains of the Titanic. I know that means swimming around a little, but I wouldn’t mind if it meant I got to see it, even for a few minutes. I don’t even know what fascinates me about it?

Have you ever experienced your very own ghost story? What happened, do you believe it was something paranormal or just your imagination?

I don’t really believe in ghosts. I know a lot of people do though.

What is the most fearless thing you have done?

May I refer back to my Austria story for this? I hope so, because I was quite proud of that. It was awesomely scary!

If you can remember, what did you dream last night, if not, what’s the last dream you remember? (This should be hilarious!)

I hate when I have dreams that seemed great at the time but then when awake I can’t even recall what they were about it. That happens too often these days. However, I do know that I had a dream recently around the book I was reading. It was as though I was part of their family and in the story. Don’t get me wrong, I love the book and the characters but it was truly weird being stuck in the story. I don’t remember what exactly was going on, I just know it was really odd.

If you could do one thing to change the world, what would it be?

Sometimes people think to change the world you have to do something huge and impact many, but in reality all you have to do is touch one persons heart and make an impact on the minority. This could encourage them to do the same and so on so forth. It is a domino effect. It doesn’t take much, and I know it sounds corny, but I feel just smiling at someone or saying hello makes a world of difference. One bit of kindness could make someones day. It only takes the smallest amount of kindness to change the world!

Ahh! Now I have to come up with 11 questions for you guys.

Is there a teacher who made an impact on your life? If so, how?

Why did you begin blogging in the first place?

If you had to trade places with another blogger, who would it be and why?

What is your dream job?

What are 5 things you want to achieve in your life?

If you could join any TV show, which one would it be?

If you were Prime Minister for a week, what would you do?

How would you spend £1,000,000?

What achievement are you most proud of?

If you could be known worldwide for one thing, what would you want it to be?

If there are some new bloggers reading, what advice would you give them?

There we go! 11 questions. Now for 11 nominations. I am never good at this. I would like any of you to try this, although I am definitely nominating:







Message to the people named above: You might all say you have already done this one, because you’re all super popular ;), but trust me, it is slightly different! Also, I just needed to look like I knew what I was doing, so just humor me. You’re all the best, and the WordPress crew so it’s only right!

See you all soon!

Chloe Lauren x

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My Life Is So Different Now

I have had a bit of difficulty with inspiration and motivation when it comes to blogging and just life in general recently, but I now have reasons to carry on, enough to keep me going for quite some time.

I am kind of seriously overfilled with joy right now, so much so that I have been smiling for the past two days like crazy, and people have definitely noticed. Someone said they might have to start calling me ‘Smiles’. This positive attitude I now have has transformed the person I am and I feel like a different person. It’s wonderful!

Do you want to know why?

I hope you do, otherwise this post would be a waste of time.

Actually no i wouldn’t, because I can look at it and elect on one of the greatest experiences I have ever had, if not the greatest of all time. Before I start I want to just say that not everyone will agree with my views and values but that is fine. I just ask that you respect my decision.

Anyway, let’s just move straight on to this because I am excited (over the top excitable).

I work voluntarily at a cafe in my local area, which is run by people from different churches. The idea was to bring people in the community together, and it really has, and continues to do so. Such a lovely place to be.

Whilst being there, I have been open to Christian ideas, and due to being a very curious person, I found myself joining the Alpha Course which was being hosted there. It was a way of exploring Christianity further and to ask any questions I may have had regarding the religion.

Throughout the weeks I have definitely been one of the most vocal on the table I was allocated (the young table), and ended up being told that sometimes I delve too deep into things, and that not every question needs a physical answer. At first I had no absolutely idea what they meant until I attended the away day.

This is where it gets good. This was the day that has changed my life completely, and one I will remember for years to come.

The day went amazingly. I wasn’t even going to go originally but I am so glad I did.

We watched three videos, all relating to the idea of the Holy Spirit and how it can touch you and how you can feel it. I was rather unsure to begin with, but as the day went on, and the more we discussed it, the more I was starting to get it.

Towards the end, we were singing hymns, most of which I didn’t know, so I was just trying to take in the words as best I could. This was the moment that will never leave me.

Ready? I am!

My heart was beating so fast, which at first I thought was just another anxiety attack, but it was different in feeling to what I have had before. There was a warmth in my chest, but at the same time I was shivering like mad, and out of nowhere I became very teary. I couldn’t explain why either. For the rest of the day there was a smile on my face, the same one that hasn’t left me since. It was the weirdest feeling in the world, but also one of the most special moments. I loved it. I even felt I was ready to say the prayer which brings you closer to God. An acceptance if you will.

Just awesome!

I’m so sorry this was so rambly and over the top. I just thought it would be great (I keep saying great) to tell you and share. Oh and like I said this was my decision and I am not asking Christianity in your face, just updating on my life.

Also, I would like to thank L for nominating me for Blog of the year. It really helped keep me in this awesomely positive mood. I can’t believe you would think I am good enough for such an acknowledgment. Thank you.

See you all soon!

Chloe Lauren x