Why Keeping A Journal Will Improve Your Life!

Hey Guys,

I love writing. It’s always been such a HUGE passion of mine, although recently not being able to do so as much for myself as I probably would want too, mainly because my mind is usually on my clients and what they need writing up for their business.

However, like I said not too long ago, I am returning to blogging. The place I once shared the fears I had and the goings on in my life. Although I am not in the same place I once was, it was nice to get these things out and keep track of my life and thought process.

So I have decided it’s time to begin writing in my journal. I have owned one for what feels like forever but never really pursued it for as long as I should have. I mean, there is so much I could write about, and it’s so interesting to see how things change throughout the year. From what I can tell, now seems as good a time as any!

Oh and just to convince myself and maybe you reading just that bit further, here is why keeping a journal could change your life.

Reasons To Keep A Journal:

Keep Track Of Your Thoughts

As you begin to write about your day and your life, you will learn more about yourself and the person you are, as well as begin to see what to improve on, or what you have that is great, that you just don’t give yourself credit for.

Become More Organised

Journals could be such an amazing place to list things you want, whether goals for your future, or just what you want to do in the day. Maybe you have things you want to remember, or think more about, like for me, that would be quotes to keep me going, or pieces of scripture that I want to keep fresh in my mind.

Improve Your Writing

Like with anything, the more you do something, the better you will become at it. So basically, the more you write, the better the writer you will become. Teachers in primary schools say it best, ‘Practice makes perfect”. It won’t only be the way you write, but also your creativity and imagination towards what you are writing. It makes what you put on the paper that much more AWESOME!

Chloe Lauren x

Yeah…I’m Back!

Hey Guys,

It’s been a while since I have said that, I know! I’m not even sure if I will be of interest to anyone now after being absent for what feels like forever. I just needed time away from this blog, to gather my thoughts, gain that passion once again and find myself.

It’s not that I was regressing because I wasn’t, but rather I felt stuck for a while and this felt forced, which I never wanted.

But here I am. I am back. Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. I just had this sense that I should write to you all like the old days. I think it all began yesterday. I was talking to someone where I work and it reminded me why I enjoyed writing in the first place and it really made me realise…I truly miss it.

What a revelation! And just like that, the spark seems to have returned.

I will be changing the name of this blog as that isn’t the person I am anymore and I refuse to feel that way. I am moving forward and can’t wait to share this stage of my journey with you all.

Finally, just like I used to say…

See you all soon (and I do mean soon),

Chloe Lauren x

Making A Photo A Reality With PhotoWall!


Hey Guys,

Do you know one thing I really love? Photography!

I love taking photos, no matter where I go, especially when it comes to nature or its surrounding scenery. But one thing I never seem to do with the photos I take, is frame them and put them up, mainly down to the fact that I never seem to have room or I just completely forget to do anything more with them.

But that has now changed thanks to an opportunity I recently received from a great company I have had the chance to deal with, aka Photowall.

If you are not aware of Photowall before this post, I will let you know a little more about them. They are a Swedish company who specialise in Canvas Prints and Wall Murals, allowing people to purchase either a ready made product or one which is personalised fully by you as the user.

I will be honest though, I had absolutely no idea about this Company beforehand and I was wondering fora while how they came to know about me because from what I have seen, they are a great company with a truly fantastic ethos and morals. I am so glad I was able to get the chance to work with them.

The Product:

Now onto the best part, I had the chance to choose a product from their site for the purpose of this post and to tell you all about it.

I think it is safe to say I was  a bit of a pain, due to work and all other things going on, the it took me to choose, was delayed…A LOT!

So sorry about that by they way. Hope we can still be friends!

When I did finally decide, I went with a Canvas of a photo I took just two years back. In fact, it is one of my favourite photos I have ever taken. The only problem being, I ended up going with Dimensions, which were slightly bigger than I had anticipated. I didn’t realise until it arrived.

Oh was I in for a surprise, but after begging my Step Dad to get it fixed up for me, I finally got to see the final product and you know what? I am so glad to say, it looks WAY better than I thought.


Just look at this beauty from the floor to my Bedroom Wall. It’s what I am going o tcall a #PerfectReveal!





So…What do you think? I personally think it looks amazing and I am so thankful to Photowall for this. My Bedroom is now complete!

You guys are amazing and I urge you all to take a look a the Website, and who knows, even go on to buy one yourself.

Talking of which….If you buy one in the next month, you can use Discount Code – ChloeLaurenCampaign2018 and get 20% off your purchase. Hurry though, as you have until the 10th April to redeem this offer. Go. go. go!

Visit PhotoWall now! 

Have a great week!

Chloe Lauren x

Oh How Life Changes!

Oranges have essential vitamin contents, antioxidants, protein, water percentage, and fiber. These are necessary minerals that help in keep the nutrients in your body balanced. (1)

Hey Guys,

We are now coming towards the middle of March and the year is well underway already, but it’s not too late to say that I believe this year is going to be a great one for me in terms of personal growth and that is not me trying to brag, but letting you know that things can change for the better.

Just let me explain and you will see.

First of all, I have been in my job now for 7 months. That has really flown by, hasn’t it?

In fact, it’s not only a job, it’s something I truly love and am actually quite good at.

I remember letting you all in on my journey to getting the position, to telling you about my first month update and now it has been over half a year.

In that time I have learned so much, and have really expanded my skills, opening myself up to new opportunities along the way.

It’s definitely true what they say, that when the real world hits you, it does truly hit you like a tonne of bricks and you know what? You don’t always realise to begin with. But the thing is, it isn’t a negative thing, but rather the complete opposite, it is exactly what should happen and I think I am really beginning to grasp that now.

Let’s look back a few years ago, to the girl you first came to know. She was lost, unsure of herself, and not happy with where her life was heading.

Jump forward a few years, and that same girl is working full time, volunteering and getting involved with several projects with Church and Charitable groups as well as still managing to blog on the side. I have really shocked myself.

It’s as though my life has turned a full 180 degrees and I am on the path I am supposed to be on, or at least that is how it feels right now.

There is absolutely no telling where I am going to end up in my life in a year, 2 years or even 10 years time, but what is for sure, is that I am more prepared for any changes or unexpected moments which may come my way.

I am excited for the next chapter in my life. There are some great life challenges on the way which I can’t wait to face. Bring it on because for once in my life, I feel ready!

To any of you that are worried right now, feeling lost or not sure what is next for you, just remember things can change. Nothing bad lasts forever, no matter how it seems now. It takes a little hard work but you will reap the benefits soon enough! Surround yourselves with positive people and build yourself up. Bit by bit, a difference will be seen.

Bit corny, but totally true.

See you soon,

Chloe Lauren x