A Little Something Different | Blogmas Day 8

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Hey Guys,

I thought today I would do something I haven’t done in quite some time and something quite frankly I have missed.

I will be doing a review on a movie I recently saw at the Cinema, Paddington.

Carry on reading to find out what I thought of it.


If you read my review last year on the first installment of Paddington, the movie based on the lovely, marmalade eating bear, you will know that it was my favourite movie of 2014 and with good reason.

So when I heard that Paddington was returning to our screens this year, I practically jumped at the chance to see it. I remember running downstairs to show my parents, also fans of the movie, the brand new trailer which had not long been released at the time.

It looked amazing. Obviously this is what I was expecting, and when I heard others raving about it, my excitement levels jumped through the roof.

Now on to the movie itself.

Paddington 2 basically carries on from where we left off previously. He is now living with the Browns on a permanent basis and is growing quite the relationship with the neighbors around him.

When he realises he doesn’t have the money to purchase the perfect gift for his aunt on her birthday, he tries to do all he can to earn it, but when the gift he wants gets taken, Paddington is the one who gets taken into custody, despite being completely innocent.


This movie includes a lot of new faces as well as those familiar ones we fell in love with the first time round, making for a fun roller coaster ride of a journey.

Just like with the first movie, the jokes came in thick and fast with a very interesting and family friendly humor throughout, making it enjoyable for all and not just the kids.

However, unlike the first, this movie emphasised more on the heartfelt moments shared between the characters as opposed to the full on belly laughs we had to face the first time round. It was a totally different experience to say the least.


The dynamic between characters was just amazing and really was enough to make you smile.

In particular, I loved seeing how Paddington interacted with the Brown’s and Mrs Bird in their family environment as well as with his fellow prison inmates. Although different in their own right, helped to make the movie what it was.

I will say though, although I loved this movie, I don’t think it could match the original, but as a sequel truly delivered and an unmissable film for sure.

A must watch for all!

Happy Blogmas,

Chloe Lauren x