A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Marketer

Hey Guys,

A month after I started my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, back in August, I let you all in on how it was going, and it made people tell me in the comments and via Social Media how they were interested in this as a job also.

So, I thought I would show you a better view of my job so you know what the day to day workings of a Digital Marketer consists of, especially that of a Social Media and Content Marketer.

The only problem is, this is an ever changing career and no two days are ever going to be the same, so this is an overview of what one day could look like, so don’t think this is all that is involved.


Make it to the office and get straight into my work, or at least I would like to think I do.

What actually happens is, I will get in, turn on my computer, have a quick catch up with my colleagues and put the kettle on as well as start the coffee for the guys, because I am obviously a team player.

Then I will go on to check all of the emails I have received, including notifications from other team members for tasks I am working on to see where we are currently with certain projects.


The first part of my working morning is dedicated specifically to the Twitter accounts I manage for our Clients.

For this, I use Crowdfire in order to increase the following of each account as well as to determine which content, blog posts or industry related articles to push to the individual audiences available and built as a means of retaining interest on the platform.


Once this is done I move onto checking each of the Clients Social Media accounts more in depth, by checking notifications and posting content for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest.

For each Client there is a set tone of voice, audience type, business goals as well as objectives, so when posting on these accounts, I have to ensure that the content is varied and fits the platform dependent on whom I am doing work for at that time.

To do this, I go through what is trending on that day or that week and try and flip it for the different industries and how to best sell the products or services being pushed by the Business.


In the two hours before I go out for my break, I like to go over any tasks which may have been brought to my attention by our team and need to be completed. This gives me the opportunity to get any urgent tasks out of the way.

If this isn’t the case, I will go over the ECommerce platforms and check the listings for products, and go over to the Ads created for promotions and see how they are performing using the data provided. I can then begin to improve or freshen up the Ads to make for more of a productive and effective promotion.


Although my lunch period technically begins at 13:00pm, I don’t usually leave until 14:00pm, because of trying to keep up with tasks before going, but also because I feel it splits up the afternoon better.

During this time, I head around the corner to the Cafe I volunteer at on Saturday’s for my lunch. How convenient, right?

Sometimes though, mainly on a Thursday, I will join my colleagues for what we call, ‘Church Food’, which is just normal food, but it comes from a Church that Tim, our designer, goes to.


When I return from my lunch, I will put on the kettle once again, then get in to writing a Blog post or article for a Clients Website or go on to scheduling Social Media Posts for the coming weeks.

Both of these require research to be done for trends and keywords to be integrated within the Content.

To instigate this further, I also like to check the insights to check how posts are performing and what is working and what isn’t. This will then allow me to get an idea of what should be continued with for the content strategy in the future.


In the last half an hour of the day I will go over the tasks from the day, reply to any outstanding comments left by colleagues, make sure all emails and any messages on Social Media pages have been answered.


The day is over and I can now head home, relax and prepare for the next day when I get to do it all over again!

And there you have it, one day in the life of a Social Media Marketer.

If you’d like to find out any more information, please do get in touch as I would love to help in any way I can and let you know anything you want to know!

Anyway, see you all soon and hope you all had a great Easter Weekend,

Chloe Lauren x