How Instagram can become your best friend during Lockdown

Lockdown is here and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at this moment, a bit like a younger sibling who just won’t leave you alone.

I should know. I’m the youngest. So trust me on this one!

It is proving to be a testing time. Call me Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation, because it’s going to feel as if there is literally nothing to do.

For content creators, it may even feel like you are going to run out of viable ideas you can push out to your audience without rehashing the same information everyone else is.

You’re probably also questioning whether you are able to keep to your usual style, tone of voice and all whilst keeping that entertainment factor at the forefront of what you do?

Let me tell you something now. Yes. Yes you can!

Things are bad enough for people as it is. This is not a time to forget who you are and what your content is about. If anything, it’s time to turn it up a notch. Let the flames roar. It’s time to go full content Ninja on everyone.

For this, you obviously have the pick of several social networks, all of which provide a great home to connect with your audience and build your community. However, right now, I wish to hone in on just the one…


I bet you all thought I was going to say TikTok there, right? Ha. NO!

Well…maybe another time.

Why do I say Instagram? Well as a Digital Marketing Executive and someone who runs campaigns for clients, I am aware of the benefits the platform currently holds for creators.

Sure, TikTok holds a similar creator to audience value, but it’s still in the initial growth stages and doesn’t quite have the same popularity Instagram has become known to have.

Over the last month or so, I have used my time on Instagram much more wisely. If you follow me you will know. If not, you can always make the right decision today and follow here – @lifeaschloelauren.

I have been meticulously testing different times of posting to see when my audience are online, have gone from irregular posting schedules to a post every other day as well as surfing relevant hashtags to better define my audience.

You may even notice I have mixed the content up, between photos of me, scenery, as well as videos on both my main feed and stories. It’s all about personality and mine just so happens to involve humour, whether good or bad!

Since implementing this strategy throughout Lockdown, my Instagram following has grown by 63% and my engagement rate has increased to 11.28%.

Even GaryVee, who’s content marketing tips I raved about (here) spends about 80% of his time on social media, just on Instagram, then divides the rest of his time on all the other platforms.

People still have the mentality that if they jump on the platform now, it’s too late to grow or gain any real results without paying for ads.

They are wrong. Plain and simple.

All it takes is a little effort on your part and community in your heart.

That’s all it’s about.

Don’t go in initially hoping to get likes on likes on likes. It doesn’t work that way. Over the last month, my average likes have gone from 30 per post to 55. Small achievements that will continue to build.

It builds over time, just like when you first started blogging and the numbers may not have been what you initially wanted there, yet you kept working and working. The same can be said in this instance!

One thing to keep in mind with Instagram is to engage, just as much as others engage with you.

Follow and start a conversation. Don’t just follow for a follow back!

For every follower I’ve received recently, I have sent a message to with a simple thank you and positivity for their day. I’m even glad to say the response rate has been quite high. I’d say 9/10 have responded to me. It has opened the chance to correspond with one another, build your network and join forces with people who may have opportunities for you in the future.

Please don’t forget that right now, it shouldn’t be a numbers game, but the more you grow on Instagram, the more you can impact and help others in times to come.

Now I am going to go and jump back on there myself. Always work to be done!

Let the virtual insanity continue,

Chloe Lauren

4 FREE Save and Share ‘Stay Safe’ Inspired Stories Templates!

At the moment things seem uncertain and up in the air.

We’re unable to see family members, or keep up with our friends in person.

Not that I really kept up much as it was.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t still stay connected in some way, right?

Social media has given us all the tools we need to stay in touch and up to date with those we love and care for no matter where in the world they are, even if that is just down the road from where you are.

In a way, it’s like our real life friends are now becoming part of our online friendship groups and community which I have no problem with. Some of my favourite people and most valued friendships started online.

My point is, we are not fully shut out nor are we as isolated as it may feel.

One way many keep up with each other is through the use of Stories, whether through Instagram, Facebook, or for the fun, and definitely not sad people like myself, the infamous WhatsApp status.

This gave me an idea.

Why not create and share several templates that you all can use with your friends and family…and for FREE. Who doesn’t love that?

So below are 4 templates (more to be added) that you can save and use right this very second, tag in accounts you want to interact with and get the conversation started.

I guess you could say…it’s no one’s day, their week, their month or even their year, but with this, I will be there for you.

Now today’s Friends reference is out the way, take your pick and enjoy!

Stay safe out there peeps and don’t forget to…

Let the virtual insanity continue!

Chloe Lauren

Why you need to channel GaryVee and go full in with Content!

It’s time to hustle, GaryVee style!

This is where Gary might open with the F word, but I’m not as cool as that so I will just say, in this blog post, I will cover why you really should be giving 110% to your Content Marketing efforts in 2020.

So let’s F*CKING go! Oh maybe I am that cool.

But first to get a better understanding. What exactly is Content Marketing?

The concept of Content Marketing is the idea of creating and distributing valuable pieces of content, whether that be written, visual or auditory, to capture and maintain a targeted audience base.

These pieces are posted online, usually in the form of Social Media posts, YouTube videos, and even blogs just like this one you are reading now, to name but a few.

As a Digital Marketer specialising in content marketing (just throwing that out there), I love learning about and getting to use the new ways of sharing and making content, that is coming on the scene all the time.

I find it exciting!

A platform I am yet to get to grips with though is TikTok. That platform is soaring in popularity and is growing at an exponential rate, especially right now with everything going on around us in the world. People have managed to find a real solace in this video making app.

But one thing is for sure, it is becoming more apparent that this marketing discipline is continuing to grow and becoming a rising superstar which you would be crazy to not utilise to its full capacity.

And you know what? I’m about to tell you why.

So why is Content Marketing so important for your business and/or brand?

When building a business or brand online, it is imperative to remain completely transparent and real with the audience you desire to grow and maintain.

People want to deal with people. Plain and simple.

It helps with building a real trust and rapport between you and your audience.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to pull that barrier down.

The best part is, it’s never been easier to do just that. The possibilities have truly become endless.

Different platforms are providing you with a real means and methodology to reach your desired audience in a way which is accessible on a much wider scale and puts all power and control back in your hands.

Some platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, at the moment have a fantastic organic reach, which means you can touch base with more people with your content quicker and without even having to break the bank.

If that isn’t motivation to send out content, I don’t know what is!

Now is the time to do so.

Whether your business is corporate or prides itself on being personable, one thing is to be sure, there is a content strategy to fit.

So, where does Gary Vaynerchuk come into this?

Gary Vaynerchuk, otherwise known as GaryVee, is one of my inspirations. A true hero for me if you will. When it comes to content, he is the one to look to for guidance.

The man is the head of several major companies, making his original mark through the use of Social Media to boost his families wine business.

With his daily videos, groundbreaking podcast, and very enthusiastic approach to Social Media, the guy has pretty much worked out how best to handle the social scene so you remain at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Something which continues to intrigue, is the idea of the $1.80 method. This concept is put into practice when information is shared via a post, maybe with a question to go alongside it, and your audience then provides an answer or an opinion, otherwise known as leaving their 2 cents.

Obviously I know not everyone here is American. I’m definitly not. But the idea shows a two sided work effort, with the idea that you the creator give more to the audience, than the audience gives back to you.

Brilliant, don’t you think? Definitely something to keep in mind.

Finally, if at first a strategy doesn’t work, don’t give up and be disheartened. Try and try again.

A tried and tested piece of advice – not every strategy is going to work for every brand.

It’s about finding what works for you. Just keep going with it.

Give more. Build that trust. Reap the benefits.

Ready to start creating? Let’s go!

COMING SOON: Beginners Guide To Social Media Marketing

Hi all,

Do you see the same value in Social Media as I do?

Working as a Digital Marketing Executive, and dealing face to face with clients on a daily basis, I still notice a notable apprehension to the idea of using Social Media as part of a businesses ongoing marketing strategy.

I mean, it’s 2019. If you’re not active on Social and interacting with the audience you wish to reach regularly, I have to ask, do you even business though?

Don’t worry I do get it. Many people see the dark side of social, including the scandals that have arisen over the past couple of years as well as the obvious trolls you may get from your posts. They really can put you off.

However, that does not do justice to the other, more prominent side of it, which is nothing but good.

Used properly, Social Media can truly enhance a business, putting them at a real advantage because…

  1. More often than not, your competitors will already be there
  2. It allows you to speak directly to your customer or client
  3. Captures your companies real personality
  4. You become part of a wider conversation and community
  5. Expands on your business reach
  6. Works as part of your SEO strategy

And so on. I could really go on and you know what I will.

To celebrate my blogging return, and to give people more insight into the world of Social Media Marketing, I am bringing you a full series based around what I have picked up over the last couple of years.

In between I will also be shedding light on other Marketing based areas to get you up to speed in your business or even blogging life.

Ready to take on Social? I am!

Chloe Lauren.