First 2 months on YouTube | Grow on YouTube in 2020

Over the last 2 months I have dedicated a lot of my spare time to devising, creating, editing and uploading content to my somewhat BRAND NEW YouTube Channel.

I have mentioned it here before, but I will do so again, because honestly I am still buzzing about the entire thing. To me, it truly feels like real progress.

I can’t help myself. I know I am about to blow my own trumpet here, but this is such an achievement for me.

Chloe in the past would never have had the courage or self esteem to setup a channel, let alone post frequently with content I have become proud of.

The best part, with each video, I feel I am really getting better with the overall process.

I even described the editing phase as relaxing.

Exporting the videos on the other hand is on the other end of the spectrum. That fills me with anxiety. Watching the time go down, as the video just edited is being processed fully is panic ready to happen. In my head I just keep imagining it might give up on me or part of the video I have just done and loved, will no longer be there.

It means more often than not, I have to walk away and let what happens, happen.

Frustration. That’s the word I am looking for.

But, despite my fussing, it usually turns out just fine. Why I worry I don’t know.

Actually, yes I do. That’s just what I do. Oops!

Returning to the positives, in the first 2 months, I have filmed and uploaded 9 videos. 7 of those videos have over 100+ views, with 2 of those even surpassing 300+ views.

It’s incredible to see the progress and support in such a short time.

I’ve watched so many videos regarding YouTube growth in 2020 and how to make a channel something viewers actually want to join and watch often.

Although yes I am a full time Digital Marketer, this was a COMPLETELY different kettle of fish. I’m used to specialising in written content and coming up with social content, so YouTube video content was like diving into an unknown section of an ocean I would probably never even visit.

Basically, just an entirely new idea for me to get a grasp of.

Somehow I am doing so, and enjoying every second of the creative journey.

Moving forward, I plan on using the blog and my YouTube channel side by side to create a fully immersive digital experience for all involved. A super group if you will. A bit like if Panic! At the Disco and Green Day joined together. Just hoping.

Sound like a plan? I hope so.

I am so excited, that some of this might not even make any sense at all. In fact I’m sure it doesn’t. Just call it part of my charm, otherwise known as being an adorable nervous wreck.

Anyway, before I ramble on for much longer and bore you all tears, I will just leave it here and hope you enjoyed this mess of a post.

As I say at the end of my YouTube videos, if you like this content, make sure to support your girl. Like, share, comment and if you head over to YouTube, make sure to subscribe.

See you all soon,

Chloe Lauren out!


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