How To Buy For That One Awkward Friend | Blogmas Day 13

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Hey Guys,

Buying the perfect gifts for the family and friends in your life can be difficult, especially when you have a brother like mine, who loves named products. Yeah, he really is that bad.

But, don’t fret. I am going to help you out.

Here are my tips to hunting down that winning present for the special people in your life this Christmas.

Listen to what the person loves and write it down

Never assume. A person’s mind can change all of the time and sometimes we can have people wrong, thinking they like one thing when they may actually absolutely love another.

Make sure to always listen to that person as on Christmas day, when they unwrap their gift, it could put a real smile on their faces, and who doesn’t want that?

Make sure it is something they can use

If you are really unsure of what they like, why not check around for what they actually need.

Maybe they have recently ran out of something or something they own has broken, so they need a replacement. It could even be a favorite perfume which has been used up, and you could swoop in, buy a new bottle and save the day.

You could just become a superhero of a friend. Just saying!

Don’t leave it until Christmas Eve

Leaving anything until the last moment is a mistake, let alone trying to buy the right present for people, plus you could be adding to the stress of gift buying, when it doesn’t need to be that daunting.

What I would suggest is, making sure to leave yourself enough time to scope out the gift you know they will want, but will also mean you can make sure of the money needed for it and if you have that.

The worst part of leaving Christmas Shopping until the last moment, is coming to buy the present you know they will want and love, just to find out it has gone out of stock.

This is what I am going to call the Holiday Danger zone.

So, if you still have people to shop for, go, go, go! Don’t delay.

I know you can do this! But if all else fails, just get them a gift card, it’s safer.

Happy Blogmas,

Chloe Lauren x

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