Hey! It’s My 2 Year Blog Anniversary!

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Hey Guys,

I recently had a conversation with a friend, about how fast time seemed to be going by, especially recently, and you know what? It really does. The worst part is, we don’t have any control over it at all. We can just hope that we are doing the most we can be doing right now, whilst time is in still in our favor.

It’s crazy to think to think that in about 4 months I will be 20. Goodbye teens. The real world is about to become so much more real for me and at the moment I am still trying to decide how I feel about that.

Scared? YES! Excited? Maybe! Ready? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

The truth behind my sudden madness is, that the other day, the 24th of October, marked 2 years since I began writing on this little blog of mine. In a way, it doesn’t feel right to me. How as it already been 2 years?

But, what an AMAZING 2 years it has been. From the moment I pressed publish on that very first post, to where I am now, it has been quite the journey.

I started as an extremely timid and anxious 17 year old who always felt alone, and have now been molded into the more mature, talkative and outgoing person I am today and I think my blog has really shown that. I just love that even from day one, I have been able to include and involve all of my readers in this journey.

I see it as one of of my greatest achievements and something I have become very fond and proud of. Without this blog, I wouldn’t have come to know some of the most genuine and amazing friends I have ever known, nor would I have had the job I have now. This blog has truly given me such outstanding opportunities that I may never have had.

It’s a true testament that working at something you love, despite having the thought that sometimes you may want to give up, is worth keeping at. I am really glad I did, because I am a better person and so much happier now as a result.

Finally, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you for putting up with me, when I told stupid jokes, when I was late on posts and for all of the times you have shared your stories with me in the comments. I have loved every single moment.

Oh and just to let you all know now, I will be joining with Blogmas again this year, so I have some planning to do, including a competition, so keep a look out for that!

Here is to the next year. See you all then!

Chloe Lauren x

28 thoughts on “Hey! It’s My 2 Year Blog Anniversary!

  1. Kyla Spaulding says:

    Congratulations! My one year anniversary is coming up and I’m trying to get to 100 followers, I hope you can check out my blog!


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