How Reading Can Make You A Better Blogger

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Hey Guys,

I was recently thinking about the importance of reading and the impact it can have on our every day lives, and then that lead me to think about blogging and how reading can make us and our blogs that much better.

When I say reading, I don’t just mean full length, 400 page books, although they are a huge help and something I love very much. What I actually mean by that is, absolutely anything you do want to read, from reading a newspaper, magazine article, or even a blog post, like you are doing now. As long as their are words on a page and you are following it through, you are reading, and thankfully there are many benefits.

So, why is it so important for us bloggers to read? And more importantly, how?



Gain New Experiences And Relate To Situations

When writing or researching for a post, it can be useful to understand what you are writing about and helps you to put yourself in someones else’s shoes, giving you more knowledge on a chosen subject. This way, you could also be finding a solution to a problem you never knew you needed.

Can Give You Inspiration

Sometimes it can be difficult coming up with an idea for a blog post, even when you know you really need to write one, and if you do have an idea, it’s not always easy finding the right way to execute the post you want it to.

Makes Your Written Communication So Much Better

Reading can be excellent for helping a blogger improve the way a post is written and portrayed to an audience, especially in terms of the grammar and spelling and the way it is formatted.

If this isn’t done properly, it can put someone reading your blog, off the post within seconds, so it is imperative to get it right from the get go.

Reduces Stress

One of the most important things reading can do for you is, not just as a blogger, but in general, can reduce your stress and let’s be honest, we will all face some form of stress at some point or another. Basically what I am saying is, the more you read, the more you will have a chance to get rid of whatever is on your mind. Even just reading for just 5 minutes at a time could really improve the way you are feeling.

There you have it. A few small and encouraging reasons to get reading, in order to improve your blog and to become a much better blogger.

So grab that cup of tea, relax next to the fire, and get reading. Your blog will definitely thank you for it.

Chloe Lauren x

One thought on “How Reading Can Make You A Better Blogger

  1. Film & Nuance says:

    Definitely. In fact I attribute my language skills and perspective of mind/worldview to what I’ve read from articles to novels etc. Great post Chloe!! Just been catching up on your blog coz I’ve been so busy recently!! 😦 Keep making great posts, I’ll be on the lookout!


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