Just Another Christmas Tag!


Today I thought it might be fun to do the Chirstmas Tag. I attempted it last year, but I have a few new answers that I would just love to share with you.

Here we go!

1) What’s Your Favourite Christmas Movie?

My favourite Christmas Movie has to be The Christmas Card. It’s a TV movie, and not very well known, but really encapsulates the spirit of Christmas into one well wrapped gift that constantly keeps on giving.

2) Do You Open Your Presents On Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning?

This is not even a question, is it? Doesn’t everybody open their presents on Christmas morning? Wait, actually I have heard that some people open like one present on Christmas Eve, but not all of their presents surely.

3) Do You Have A Favourite Christmas Moment?

Look at Q5.

4) Favourite Festive Food?

Let’s be honest, it has to be Viennetta (Ice Cream). It is one of the greatest and most integral parts of the Christmas dining experience in my opinion. If you have never tried it, you really need to.

5) Favourite Christmas Gift?

I’ve always loved books, and every year I get at least one, but one in particular made me so happy that I couldn’t stop smiling. It was a signed copy of my favourite book, by my then favourite author, Jacqueline Wilson.

It’s a very special book to me, and I still keep it safe even now. It’s well loved and looked after.

Parting would be such sweet sorrow! I couldn’t do it.

6) Favourite Christmas Scent?

Easy. Anything Gingery!

7) Do You Have Any Christmas Eve Traditions?

A typical Christmas Eve for me involves watching Shrek the Third (not festive but whatever), whilst I put all of the presents under the tree. I don’t think it would be Christmas Eve without it now.

Oh and just before bed, we will have a cup of hot chocolate. Thankfully, my stepdad makes the greatest hot chocolate ever.

8) What Tops Your Tree?

Usually we put a star at the top, but this year with the real tree, we couldn’t quite fit one on, so really it’s just the tree that tops the tree.

9) As A Kid What Was The One (Crazy, Wild, Extravagant) Gift You Always Asked For But Never Received?

I don’t think I have ever asked for a really extravagant gift before. I have however asked for a lot of mundane, and maybe boring things. Oh the joys of being an awkward child and pre teen.

10) What’s The Best Part About Christmas For You?

I am a complete fanatic for wrapping presents, so much so that I started back in November, and have already finished. I wish I hadn’t begun so early now, but I was way too excited.

Apart from that, I would say all of my family sitting around the same table at the same time, for the first time all year. It’s a special moment, and obviously this Christmas it will be even more special, especially now that I have found myself in my faith.

So there are my answers. What would you have said? Tell me in the comments, or do the tag yourself. I would love to see your answers.

If you have already done the tag, put the link below, and I will check it out when I can!

Stay Awesome.

Chloe Lauren x

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