Where Did The Time Go?

When you are a child, time seems to take forever, and you get so annoyed by how long some things take to happen. I remember the times where I looked at my clock thinking hours had passed, but no, it was only 5 minutes. It was definitely something worth huffing and puffing over.

Now I am coming towards the end of my teen years, life just seems to somehow be passing me by, and sometimes I look at my calendar and wonder where the days have actually gone. It’s really not fair. Well, in a way I guess it is. We are not here forever, and that’s why it is what we do with our time that makes the moments we have so special and meaningful (I sound like a motivational speaker all of a sudden).

I think I have definitely done many worth while things this year, and I have definitely come a long way, especially in myself. Basically, a lot can happen in just a year. One of these is this blog, which incidentally I started a year ago.

Yeah. I know! This blog is actually ONE YEAR OLD!!!

I think I need to get the confetti out, and have a proper celebration up in here. I am just glad we made it this far. What started as just a small project to help my anxiety, became something so much more. It’s crazy really, and just proves what I said about things going by really quickly.

This year has practically flown by. It feels like just yesterday I pressed publish on my very first post. Since then I have become a completely different person, living a totally new life. I feel like this could easily be the greatest year of my life. Sure, it has been a little bit of a bumpy ride, but I have made a lot of changes, and have learned a lot. I have grown with this blog, and I will continue to grow, as we all will.

There are no people I would rather share this journey with than all of you. It’s moments like this I wish I had cake or Maltesers. Doesn’t matter. I will just have a cup of tea. Same effect.

Thank you for a great first year. Hugs all around.

Chloe Lauren x

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