I Need Your Help!


Kedelston Hall, a billionaires fantasy of a home, or anyone’s fantasy for that matter, is a place where you could very easily get lost, or in this day and age, get run over by passing cars entering and exiting the property.

I don’t think I have ever seen a National Trust property this big, at least not from what I have shown you. It is what I will describe in the coolest way possible for someone who is not cool, as being OTT (over the top), and you are about to see what I mean. It is genuinely crazy how much is going on, that I find it a bit too much.

The photo below is actually of the back, which is odd, because it looks just as extravagant as the front of the building, but unfortunately I don’t have that photo. You will just take my word for it.


I thought it must have been a fashion statement to have a lot of Roman ideas incorporated into the house, because of how much of that was there, but apparently it just the idea of one of the owners, who was interested in Rome.

Every room had some relevance to Rome, especially the three photos I have from inside, including the Ballroom which was made to look sort of like the Pantheon.

Why? Is that just to show off? Let’s be honest, it probably was. It’s like saying, ‘oh look I have money, and I am going to show you all that I do, by making my mansion like home look like I live in Italy, during the Roman Empire, although I am British’.


Oh before I go, I have a serious question to ask you all, one that I thought I would ask now, ahead of time.

As you know, in a months time I will be going away to Tenby in Wales, and wondered if you would like me to do a Stroll on Sunday post but a week edition, which will show you my entire week away. What do you think? Maybe I could do it a different way, but I want to do something that you guys will be interested in so please, I need your help with any ideas. Plus, I will need to think of other posts that week. Perhaps I might have guest posts that week.

Chloe Lauren x

13 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!

  1. Kate says:

    Guest posts are awesome but I definitely want to see a week-long Stroll on Sunday πŸ˜€ And wow, I want to go to Kedelston Hall someday! Like wear a Victorian dress and act like one of those classy ladies in classic novels and period dramas πŸ˜‚

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