Life Can Be Confusing Sometimes! | Poem

While we wait for August, let’s make it through July. Actually, I  wanted to take this time to just think about this year so far. We have been through 6 months of 2016 already, although it doesn’t feel like that long at all.

To me it could easily still be February or March. It seems we are hurtling towards 2017 at about 100mph, and that is extremely terrifying, because it makes you think that our futures are soon to be the present. I am 18 now, but what will I be doing in another 5 or 10 years, or even next year for that instance.

Trapped in this box,No one to hear me yell out,My fears and thoughts seeping through,The old me lost, Filled with doubt.Trapped in this box,No one to understand,My life and youth draining away,(1)

Do you have a plan or any goals for that far ahead in time? I don’t. I probably should, but it didn’t occur to me that I should until recently. I just don’t want to be in my 20s and still wondering what I want to be doing with my life, or living with my parents for that matter. I want to live and do things my way, without being unsure of what I actually want from life. Do you know what I mean? I hope you do.

Chloe Lauren x

5 thoughts on “Life Can Be Confusing Sometimes! | Poem

  1. Elm says:

    The year has gone so fast; it’s terrifying! So much has happened that it’s insane, both personal and not. I’m not doing much in July; I’m going to Italy at the end of it though!


  2. regina5000 says:

    I love the poem! And yeah, this year is going by too fast! I can’t believe it’s July already! I know there’s still some years till I go to uni but I’m kinda scared of the future. I understand you, like living on your own and having responsibilities and all that… Yeah but I guess It’ll be fine!! And that holiday seems really cool, you’re gonna have fun!! XD XD


  3. Kate says:

    I don’t think I can plan that far ahead now. When I was younger, maybe. But now I can’t. Awesome post, by the way! 😀


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