Britain Is At War… But Only For One Night


Last night we went to Blists Hill, a Victorian town, which for one night only was remodeled to look like Britain during the War years, making it Blitz Hill.We experienced music, fashion and customs from the era, as well the air raid which seemed to go off every half an hour.

I wasn’t in the War (obviously) but every time I heard the blast of the raid, my heart was beating so fast from the shock of it. It makes you realise how truly frightening it would have been to actually have been there, knowing what that sound meant, and what was about to happen. I can only imagine the effect it would have had on people, but yet I saw a lot of people last night, who were possibly just young children at the time, who found it reminiscent and didn’t mind it at all. It was such a special sight.

From even the very beginning, as you walk through the gates, there were people dressed up in the proper 193os and 40s attire just because they could, as well as a special performance from the three girls below who were singing songs for the period. They weren’t the only performers that night. In the restaurant, there was a sing along set from a group called BluZone, who took on some very popular classics from the time, some of which I actually knew.  I sang along. Fancy that!


Some of the buildings were decorated especially for the occasion. The one below is for what I think is the WI, otherwise known as the Women’s Institute, who played a big part during the War, doing things that were essential. They helped with evacuees, raising money, knitting, a skill which was really needed at the time, as well as growing vegetables, to keep the Country fit and strong.

These weren’t the only women who played a huge role, a lot of other women were taking on the jobs that men couldn’t do because of fighting elsewhere, helping to keep business going, but also to stay on track. Oh and let’s not forget about the WRENS, the Women’s Naval Service at the time, which last night I think I got recruited for. Oops!


This is me sitting inside a very tight air raid shelter reading a women’s magazine from the time. How an entire family would fit into this, I have absolutely no idea. I know it was never about comfort, but still. It was either sit extremely close together uncomfortably or possibly die. Harsh but true.



Blists Hill is one of my favourite places to visit anyway, but last night was interesting, especially to see the War up close, not in the same way as others have though granted. I have always found it fun to learn about. Maybe next time I will do a post on Blists Hill as it usually is, the Victorian life.

Chloe Lauren x

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