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Hey Guys,

I was tagged before to do the This or That tag, but I can’t remember who it was who tagged me. If it was you, please tell me in the comments, so I can link to your blog. Sorry!

This tag took quite a bit of thought. It was a kind of like a clean version of would you rather, but revolving around my reading experience and books in general. It was very enjoyable actually.

This Or That:

Reading On The Sofa Or On The Bed

I will read anywhere if it means I get to read, but most of the time I am on my bed because it is just extremely convenient.

Male Main Character Or Female Main Character

I’m not sure this makes a difference and I know I have to pick one, but I really can’t. However, I think I have read more books with female main characters than I have male main characters.

Sweet Snacks Or Salty Snacks Whilst Reading

Oh… I don’t usually eat anything whilst I read, but I do drink a lot of tea, because it tastes so great, and it makes my reading experience much more comfortable and relaxing. There is nothing better than a cup of tea to make my reading time perfect.

Trilogies Or Quartets

I love both, but in this instance I would have to say trilogies, although some aren’t always carried on in the same way as the first book and that is not just my opinion.

First Person Or Third Person

I think most books are set in first person, so as a reader I am more used to that point of view. Also, I find it easier to get used to first person, because you feel closer to the story line because you are reading as the character and seeing things through their eyes.

Reading At Night Or In The Morning

For me, I prefer reading at night, because it helps me unwind before I go to bed, rather than lying there awake, but I must say, I will read at any time of the day because who doesn’t just want to pick up a book and be immersed into another world.

Libraries Or Bookstores

Buying books is great, and I do love it, but I have a soft spot for libraries. I will literally travel to find different libraries, to the point that I now have 4 library cards. My favourite isn’t the biggest, but it has the most amazing family feel to it, making people feel at home when they are there. You really feel part of the community, which is something not all bookstores can offer.

Books That Make You Laugh Or Make You Cry

Both! It doesn’t really matter. It just depends on how I am feeling at the time, or what I am in the mood for. I love to laugh, but I don’t mind getting emotional over a book either, because it clearly shows how much I am in love with it. Actually, if I love a book enough, I will probably get emotional when it’s over, even if it was funny. That’s just who I am. I get attached too easily.

Character Driven Story Or Plot Driven Story

Obviously both of these are important for a story, but I have to say plot. The characters have nothing to work with if the plot is weak. Weak plot means a lack of chance to develop the characters, making it harder for a character driven story anyway.

If you would like to do the tag, feel free to do it, and then tell me so that I can take a look at your answers as well.

Chloe Lauren x

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15 thoughts on “This Or That Book Tag

  1. readingshark says:

    I prefer first person as well. Most people that I’ve talked to really like third person and I just like to really get to know a character through first person. Love your post!!


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