A Book For Mental Health Awareness Week!

19360268 Title: Banish Your Self Esteem Thief

Author: Kate Collins-Donnelly

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

‘Packed with activities and real-life stories, this imaginative workbook will show you what self-esteem is, how it develops, the impact it can have and how all this applies to your own self-esteem. Using cognitive behavioural and mindfulness principles and techniques, this workbook will help you change how you think and act in order to build positive self-esteem, protect your Self-Esteem Vault and banish your Self-Esteem Thief for good!’


As part of the libraries ‘Reading Well’ scheme, I picked up this book to see if it would help me at all with my self esteem issues, because for a long time I would, and still do, look at myself and see nothing but ugly and someone who is worthless. After reading this though, I think there has been a noticeable improvement! I am not fully there, but it has definitely helped to put me on the right path to getting better, which is obviously a great start, and something I am happy with. Once I was finished with it, my mom and stepdad bought me a copy of it, so I can continue to work on myself further.

This book is worded in a way which is mainly for a younger audience, but can be used by someone of my age also. It uses anecdotes as well as language and illustrations that really accompanies the information well, and makes it easier to understand. There is none of that jargon you would get from a Doctor, or in other books suited for adults. It was just perfect to use, and I actually understood what is going on with me, and saw my problems in a different and more manageable way.

There are also activities as you work your way through the book. This is where you come in, as it gets you to take control of your emotions and how you feel. You are able to locate the problems, and pin point the issues well, as well as come up with an action plan to move on.

This is a fun and easy way to get you on your way to getting rid of your self esteem issues, as well as knowing what to do if you ever feel that way again. Probably one of the best self help books I have come across.

Chloe Lauren x

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