Yes! I’m A Little Bit Competitive!


Hey Guys,

Today was just perfect. I know, that very rarely happens anymore for me, but it really was. I am actually really happy for once, which definitely makes a change.

We went to Sunnycroft today, an ‘Estate in miniature’ as it is as classed as being. It literally is what it says on the sign, miniature, but miniature compared to other places we have been and seen before, and not miniature like me and my mom, because we really are small. I do have to say though, it may be small, but it is probably one of the best houses we have been to by far. There was so much to offer, especially today. We went on our usual walk obviously, but also, there was a craft exhibition going on inside of the house, as well as lawn games outside. It was genuinely so fun!

2016-05-15 16.45.552016-05-15 16.46.202016-05-15 16.46.362016-05-15 16.45.092016-05-15 16.44.50

This is the outside of the cafe, which as we all know, are the places I could spend my entire life at, drinking tea and eating cake. Couldn’t you?

Instead of buying cake to accompany my tea like I usually would, I ate one of the brownies which my mom had made last night. Pretty amazing stuff and Gluten Free which my mom is loving at the moment.

2016-05-15 16.47.062016-05-15 16.48.28

After my tea, we ate our lunch on the grass and once done, me and my stepdad played a game of Badminton, followed by my mom. They both didn’t stand a chance, but I let them believe they did. I am not competitive at all. Actually, maybe I am a bit. I think they were being just as competitive as I was though, although at first they both said not to score, but I could tell they were.

Me and my mom also went on to play a game of Jenga, as well as a bit of bowling. Basically, we spent most of the afternoon laughing.

2016-05-15 16.48.54

Look at the concentration on my face, whilst I also eat chocolate ice cream at the same time. That is a skill.

2016-05-15 18.48.48

My stepdad, Ivan, took this photo at the perfect moment, just as the tower was falling down. Thankfully, in my moms direction.

2016-05-15 18.48.302016-05-15 16.49.14

Once again, I put on a face that just says, ‘I am so ready for this.’ I really don’t know why I do these faces.

2016-05-15 18.48.07

When we were done, about two hours later, me and mom ventured into he house, where we saw rooms filled with people doing different crafts, including one to do with lace, which I apparently have a talent for. Who knew?

2016-05-15 16.50.402016-05-15 16.51.452016-05-15 16.52.022016-05-15 16.52.442016-05-15 16.53.262016-05-15 16.53.43

This isn’t really relevant, but when I was writing up this post, I had ‘Big Girls Cry’ by Sia on repeat. It is still on now probably. I don’t know what it is, but this song is so good, and if you haven’t heard it yet, you have to.

I really hope all of you had as good a day as we did. If not, there is always tomorrow, which will be better.

Chloe Lauren x

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10 thoughts on “Yes! I’m A Little Bit Competitive!

  1. jwforeva says:

    HAHAHA!! I love that pic of you doing the victory pose πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hope you had a great weekend Chloe :)) The places you go to…are they all this beautiful?!?! How!? That’s just so crazy haha I can never find places like that over here.


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