1o Movie Adaptions To Watch Right This Minute

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Hey Guys,

As a fan of literature, I am no stranger to my favourite books being turned into movies. The only problem being, they are not always translated well on screen but I have to learn to accept that movies only have a limited amount of time so they can’t squeeze every last detail into the movie. That really pains me to say but it is true.

However, that aside, some adaptions are just fantastic and I’m so glad that they were turned into films, because I get to relive every last moment and see my favourite characters for myself. Those moments are the ones that make my heart melt. Yes ok, I’m a total nerd.

Anyway, here are the ten movie adaptions I personally think you should watch this very moment!

1) Shawshank Redemption

A man who is wrongly accused of murdering his wife and her lover is sentenced to life imprisonment.


2) Pride And Prejudice

Elizabeth Bennet meets and falls for the rich Mr Darcy, who seems to be reluctant when it comes to falling for a girl who isn’t of the same social class. They both have to overcome their problems with the other, as well as with society.


3) The Blind Side

A true story about a young boy who gets taken in by the Tuhoy family, saving him from life on the streets. He gets treated like one of their own, and quickly finds a talent with American Football.


4) If I Stay

Mia and her family get caught in a car crash, leaving her losing her family, and her being in a coma. She must decide whether she will stay or leave forever.


5) Harry Potter (Pretty much all of them)

We all know this one, but for those who don’t because you live under a rock, or maybe you hate wizards: Harry Potter is a boy who realises he is a Wizard, and joins Hogwarts, where over the course of the next few years, he along with his friends, Ron and Hermione will be probably be found at the forefront of any trouble, or fights that may begin.


6) The Secret Garden

A young English girl who was brought up in India, has to move in with her Uncle in Yorkshire, forcing her to adapt to a new life. She soon hears about a secret garden that has been hidden for 10 years, and finds herself wanting to find it, along with her new friend Dickon.


7) Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Charlie Bucket lives in a small house with his parents, and all of his grandparents, when one day a competition is announced for 5 children from around the world to visit the legendary chocolatier, Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.


8) The Maze Runner

Thomas is left within a community made up of only boys who are stuck in the middle of a maze, and are looking for an escape. He becomes what is known as a ‘Runner’ and soon finds himself helping some of the others find their way out for good.


9) The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

An 8 year old boy whose father is in charge of a Concentration Camp during the War, becomes part of a forbidden friendship with a Jewish boy on the other side of the fence.


10) The Devil Wears Prada

This movie is basically just Meryl Streep! Must I say more to convince you? Oh alright then! A young graduate finds herself as the intern of top fashion designer Miranda Priestley, making her social life harder to keep.


There you go, the movie adaptions you should watch! Yes right now. You have your marching order, no excuses!

What’s Your Favourite Movie Adaption?

Chloe Lauren x

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44 thoughts on “1o Movie Adaptions To Watch Right This Minute

  1. Iridescence says:

    I really want to watch Pride and Prejudice but I feel like I should read the book first. And I loved Devil wears prada and all HP


    • munchjax says:

      People rant and rave over Pride and Prejudice so you should read it first so that you can make your own decision, I really hated the book and the movie. Its one of Austen’s best books but ugh i hated it and all of her stuff so… good luck!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Iridescence says:

        I read the first few pages last year when my mum got it from the library. I couldn’t read it further because it felt boring and didn’t finish. I feel like I should try again, with more time and patience


      • Iridescence says:

        I’m in the middle of Jane Eyre right now but paused it in favour of other books now. Have to get back to it


    • Chloe Lauren says:

      I do have to admit, Pride and Prejudice is hard to get into, but I did enjoy it after a while. Oh and Devil Wears Prada is one of my favourites!!! Meryl Streep is such an amazing actress. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jerrod says:

    I love the movie version of If I Stay. Even the movie is far from the book (not that far), I love it so much! Not like the Percy Jackson movies. I ALSO LOVE DEVIL WEARS PRADA!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chloe Lauren says:

      Me too! The book is still better, but this movie covered it well, which is more than I can see for some other adaptions. I haven’t seen the Percy Jackson movies? Are they any good? OH AND YES! GREAT MOVIE!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Chloe Lauren says:

        What Percy Jackson? Oh wow! That doesn’t sound too good! But then again, for someone who hasn’t read the book, it may seem a bit better.


  3. Mahnoor Shah says:

    I usually don’t cry when it comes to movies but The Boy in the Striped Pajamas had me in tears. I love all the Harry Potter Adaptions too even though the sixth movie was my favorite of all.


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