The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Review | Movie Monday

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is a heartbreaking movie, spanning over the length of an entire year, and features Logan Lerman as Charlie, a book loving teenager who has experienced a lot of troubles in his past, most of which he keeps locked away in his vault, otherwise known as his mind. Charlie begins the movie by writing a letter to let his feelings out, and this soon becomes apparent that this is the only form of communication he has to truly be himself.

We see Charlie begin a new school, feeling alone, but soon finds seniors, Patrick (Ezra Miller) and Sam (Emma Watson), who bring him into their friendship group, making him an honorary member of a group featuring people who don’t seem to fit in but fit well together. They just work!

Sam in particular is someone who Charlie finds to be of interest and finds himself falling for her. However, there are complications which make it harder for them to be together, complications which we all have experienced, especially as teenagers, others more mentally scarring, specifically to Charlie.

The more we learn about his experiences and the memories he can’t escape, the more I was emotionally affected. It was terrible to see but definitely made me understand him a lot more.

I couldn’t help but adore Charlie, he was such a lovable character who you root for from the get go, even through all of the hardships. Damn that boy has been through a lot.

This movie is more than just a film, it is something which paves the way for all teenagers, in fact everybody. There is something in it which at some point we have been through or seen first hand. The stories within it are relatable and are apart of the journey we take from adolescence into adulthood, from romance to feeling alone.

I will leave you with this warning though, it is a great movie but you will feel every last emotion there is to feel and the story won’t leave you, at all. Trust me. I am officially emotionally scarred, just from watching.

Chloe Lauren x

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28 thoughts on “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Review | Movie Monday

    • Chloe Lauren says:

      In a way, it is important that someone finally dealt with this sort of issue in a teen based movie, but it does really eat away at you a bit, and by a bit I obviously mean a lot haha!

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    • Chloe Lauren says:

      Yeah apparently the movie came out in 2012, but I only decided to watch it at the end of last year. I haven’t read the book though. Oh and Emma Watson is really great in the movie actually. The on screen chemistry between her and Logan Lerman just really makes the movie work that little bit more.

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