One House, One Royal Visit, And One Dead Battery | Stroll On Sunday


Hey Guys,

Can you believe it? This post is actually on time for once, but it’s not my fault, but rather the people working at Packwood, the place we visited today, as they had cut off all of the main walks, resulting in less time being spent there. I still managed to clock up about 7,000 steps so it wasn’t too bad. Oh and unlike last week, I managed to get pictures of around the inside of the house, although my phone was running low on battery so it was a race to get all of the photos taken in time. I have to say, it was weirdly invigorating.

Whilst walking around just the house area, there was a little walled garden which had a gate door that was locked. It made me feel intrigued and as though I was in ‘The Secret Garden’, which is the book I am currently reading. It was an awesome feeling

Anyway, Packwood was originally a Tudor home, which over the years, and with the change of owners, became a Country House, for the wealthy, Graham Baron Ash.

Β Just Look:

This is such a gorgeous looking building, don’t you think? I love it when the plants grow against and up the side of the walls. It really makes for a lovely looking effect, which I find to be very inviting.

2016-04-10 14.31.412016-04-10 14.31.172016-04-10 14.32.172016-04-10 14.29.122016-04-10 14.32.402016-04-10 14.28.37


This home, unlike others I have seen, has an array of tapestries throughout, as well as two rooms dedicated to Queen Mary, who once visited and stayed at the home. One of the rooms is the bedroom she slept in, as well as the Drawing room which has the chair she sat on, and the cup she drank from on display.

2016-04-10 14.27.022016-04-10 14.27.452016-04-10 14.28.092016-04-10 14.06.272016-04-10 14.07.38

This is the moment where my battery was at 1%, so I will just tell you what happened next. I was really hungry, but my parents were not, so instead of eating we went on a bit more of a walk, which is difficult when your body is low on food. I got through it though, don’t worry.

The walk itself, was covered in mud, and what was I wearing? Hi tops! Clever! Well done Chloe. The problem is I wasn’t really thinking before I left the house, just as I don’t every week. I need to learn to pick up some better shoes, especially now that my parents have brought me wellies for a course I am doing on Saturday with my mom. Talking of that course, just thought I would mention it is a course about looking after Chickens, and we are doing it because my mom wanted to, and it might be informative for me also. I hope it is.

Finally, after our usual tea, we walked back to the car. When I say walked, I mean I did the ‘silly walk’ that John Cleese does in Monty Python. I do things like this when I think no one is watching me, although let’s be honest, they probably are.


See you next time!

Chloe Lauren x

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8 thoughts on “One House, One Royal Visit, And One Dead Battery | Stroll On Sunday

  1. jwforeva says:

    It looks so antique, sort of like a relic from the past. I imagine you were having a ball of a time just exploring the place, esp with that dying batt! Nice photos as always :))


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