Who Wants To Live At This Castle? | Stroll On Sunday


Hey Guys,

Welcome to another Stroll on Sunday, and also obviously Easter Sunday, so firstly Happy Easter my friends.

Today we visited Croft Castle, a building that has been standing on the location since the 11th Century, and owned primarily by the Croft family. I wouldn’t have guessed!

One of the rooms in the Castle is dedicated to some of the people who lived near by, who died during the first world war, including one of the Croft family themselves. There were stories about all of these different people, and was the perfect way to honor and remember them.

Oh and it was raining and hailing all day long! The only time it didn’t was when I was inside. I was not impressed!

Outside The Castle:

The space outside is absolutely gorgeous and features a Church which is situated right next to the Castle, and the huge piece of land they call a garden.


Inside The Castle:

The decor inside the Castle wasn’t what you would expect, and seemed very personal to the family, and very unique compared to other Castles I have seen before. It seemed more like what you would see in a Manor house.


Chloe Lauren x

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