Bullying Is Never Ok!

Hey Guys,

Anyway, today is Good Friday and I know for most of you, it was the first day off from school, so I hope that is going well! My Good Friday was spent in a town, learning more about the day itself, which I must say, was actually very interesting!

Today, I am going to continue with what I was talking about yesterday by sharing with you a poem that I haven’t yet given a name to. I hope you like it!

A girl who shies away,
A face you have never seen,
The Scars she hides,
The loss of a dream.

A boy who hates his life,
A memory so unkind,
The list of lies told,
The pain constantly on his mind.

A child living in fear,
A look of terror in their eyes,
The truth causes another tear,
The question I have is: Why?

Bullying is never ok!

Chloe Lauren x

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15 thoughts on “Bullying Is Never Ok!

  1. happyalexx says:

    There is never an excuse for bullying, there is reasons we must tackle, but they’re not excuses, they’re problems. Loved how you expressed your thoughts in poetry, very creative and lovely to read x

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  2. mitzijonelle says:

    This is amazing! There is no excuse for bullying. Yet here’s an interesting thought, usually bullies are the ones hurting the most and need love the most? Like because of situations at home. Bullies (these could be your parents) create bullies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chloe Lauren says:

      Aww thank you 😀 Oh I know! I included that in my post about the 5 ways to beat the bully, and one of the points was to accept that they are hurting also. It doesn’t make it acceptable, but it let’s you see why they might be doing it.

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