Inside Out Review | Movie Monday

We all have something in common, emotions, and we all know how much of a bumpy ride these emotions can be and make you feel. We also know how they take over every part of our lives, especially during the teen years, where they are all over the place and seriously out of control. Inside Out shows us exactly that, and how one little girls life, as well as all of our own, can be effected by these emotions on a daily basis.

Clearly something every single on of us can relate to right? I can! I am very easily an emotional wreck practically every day. Damn you emotions!

(Anger was by far my favourite character, but it the worst emotion to have in real life. Ironic? I think so.)

Anyway, the movie follows Riley, an 11 year old, who along with her parents move from their home in Minnesota, to San Francisco, where her life seems to go from perfect to horrible. It doesn’t help that two of her main emotions, Joy and Sadness, get lost in her long term memory and have to find their way back to main headquarters before it’s too late.

This story deals with that most, if not all people will face at some point in their life. This includes moving home, having to leave old friend’s behind, starting again in a new school, being in a completely new place and knowing absolutely no one, etc. Riley and the little friend’s inside her head have a lot to learn in their new environment and more to accept then they will expect to.

Inside Out is definitely a thought provoking and obviously emotional journey, in both the literal sense, as well as in the way that you will laugh and cry (bring tissues).

Disney Pixar has created probably one of its most relatable and well loved hits to date. A true masterpiece.

By the way, it is ok sometimes to not have control over your emotions, it just proves that you are human, and not just some robot living inside a humans body. Although, let’s face it that would cool.

All of the emotions, work to make you the person you are, and if you think you are too sad, angry or scared, it will be ok, because you will always have Joy to help you in the end.

Chloe Lauren x

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21 thoughts on “Inside Out Review | Movie Monday

  1. regina5000 says:

    Good review!! XD I love Inside Out, I saw it like 1000 times!!! I even have the book (well, in spanish although I would prefer to have it in the english version to be honest). That movie is SO true, so relatable!! XD I agree with all you said in this post!!!
    P.S. My favorite Emotion is Fear because he’s so cute, I love his outfit and he’s so funny!


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