Easter Egg Hunt + Blogging Survey | Stroll On Sunday


Hey Guys,

Today we went to Attingham Park Estate, which is home to the Berwick family, and was originally part of 4000 acres of land, but in the 1800s, extended to 8000 acres. That is a lot!

The park itself allows for a few different walks, varying in length, including the one we went on today which we did for the Easter Egg Hunt. It is mainly for younger children, but me and my mom just like acting like big kids and having a bit of fun, so we did it anyway, and won a chocolate bunny at the end. Yay!

Outside The Mansion:


Inside The Mansion:


In The Bookshop:

I loved the bookshop! You can go to any National Trust house, and there will most likely be a second hand bookshop on site. This one was by far my favourite as I found the final two books in a series I love, and also the 2015 edition of Morgan Matson’s, Second Chance Summer!


Before you go, could you check out the following survey, and fill it in. I am trying to collect views on my blog, and figure out what people do like, and what they don’t so that I can improve this blog for you in the near future.

Chloe Lauren x

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