You’re So Classic, You Don’t Even Know It | Stroll On Sunday


Hey Guys,

Firstly, I am sorry this post is late, but it took a while to get home today. I can’t always stick to the 4pm on Sunday’s, due to where I have to travel from. I hope that is ok!

Anyway, today we went to Berrington Hall, a Georgian Country house, situated in Herefordshire, and one of the homes owned by The National Trust. We are members of these, as well as the English Heritage. This year, we have decided to set ourselves a challenge, to see how many of the building or historical places owned by both of these, we can visit in a year.

This building was designed by Henry Holland between the years 1778 and 1781 especially for Thomas Harley, and then owned in the 20th Century by the Cawley family. It is a neoclassic building, meaning its architecture takes ideas from the classical arts shown from Ancient Greece and Rome.

Outside Of The Hall:


Inside Of The Hall:


It was a very enjoyable day, and probably my favourite place I have been to in a while.

Lonely Girl x

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