Reasons To Watch ‘Amy’ | Movie Monday


Remembering The Legend That Was Amy Winehouse:

This movie really does her justice and is the perfect way to honor one of the greatest musical artist of our generation. It shows her for who she really was, a true talent who was taken by the very music she made.

It’s Brutally Honest:

I think it is safe to say, we have all heard about the life of a celebrity, and people like paparazzi can be a pressure to them, but none more so, than Amy, and this manages to show her struggle as a celebrity. We see her being harassed by people trying to just get a story out of her, and people, such as loved ones, taking advantage of her fame. All these factors come together to see a change in attitude and the way she acted. I never knew just how bad it was for her until this.

Her Humor Is One Of A Kind:

Amy Winehouse had such a unique sense of humor which really resonated well with the audience. Sometimes inappropriate, but always meaning well, it is hard not to love her and the things she said.

The Deeper Meaning To Her Music:

I always knew there was something special about the music she made, little did I know just how real and special it was for her. Practically every song is written by her, and highlights well, just how she is feelings at a certain moment in time. All of her experiences are turned into something which can be seen as therapeutic for her, and is then loved by the rest of us. She deserved the awards she won, and the look on her face when she didn’t expect to win.

You Will Be emotionally drained, but that’s ok:

There are times where it is ok to laugh, and others where you just can’t help but shed a tear (more like bawl your eyes out). It is truly one of the most powerful and heartbreaking things I have ever seen, and you really see her journey as part of a roller coaster of emotion. Everyone has to see this!


Amy Winehouse will forever be one of the greatest singers we have had the pleasure to listen to!

Lonely Girl x

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