Lady Of The Manor | Stroll On Sunday


Hey Guys,

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Today’s Sroll on Sunday is based at Whightwick Manor, a Victorian Manor House which is one of the only remaining houses built under the influence of the arts movement, and was built by Theodore Mander, who was part of the famous Mander family. It was a very fun day, apart from my unfortunately constant hiccups! Damn it! My mom found it funny though. Thanks mom 🙂

The Outside Of The Manor:


The Inside Of The Manor:

According to one of the guides within the house, this was one of the first buildings in the country to get central heating! Also, the inside of the house had something I love, and that is quotes all around, in almost every main room! Some of these quotes seem to have a very religious feel to them, as well as being very inspiring.


The Cafe:

I couldn’t resist a spot of tea, and a chocolate brownie. I just thought it would be artistic to show the eating stages. I like it!

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Thanks for reading!

Lonely Girl x

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